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1901Re: [Stratosphere_Fanzine] Re: Spice Girls Reuniting for World Tour...Yes, You Head It Here First...

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  • Jon Gordon
    Jul 3, 2007
      right that does it I am DEFINITELY going to Cologne. A, you have no soul -

      A <digitalheadride@...> wrote:
      Isnt this one of the signs of the Apocalypse ?

      They where the biggest crock of Sh*t to have happened to music in a
      long time . What to be admired about hype ? With enough money you can
      hype an old rubbish . This is just another example of pure
      manufactured greed I for one hope they sell bugger all ...and
      apparently tickets range from £200- £ 325.00 . You'd have to pay me
      double that to consider sitting through their tuneless whining and
      vacuous banter . Girl Power my arse , they were in fact the complete
      opposite and show all that is wrong with the music industry


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