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1502Re: [Stratosphere_Fanzine] Re: Short Album Review - Black Holes and Revelations / Muse vs. Keane.

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  • Jon Gordon
    Nov 2, 2006
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      Just that Muses' 'Black Holes' single and Keanes' 'Crystal Ball' single are a little too similar and it does sound as if it was Keanes idea first, that's all

      Jen <jdloc4@...> wrote:
      Ok, now - are you trying to make me dislike Muse's latest album??!
      LOL I didn't think Keane had that full-on guitar/drum/ who-knows-
      what-else sound?? Isn't Keane more simplistic and less bombastic?
      More sappy and crushed-heart- on-sleeve versus frenetic and moody
      Muse? Just wondering as I haven't been following Keane that much...


      --- In Stratosphere_ Fanzine@yahoogro ups.com, Jon Gordon
      <chateau_distorted@ ...> wrote:
      > Muse really sound a lot like Keane nowadays, a bit too much for
      this listener to want to encourage them any further - get over the
      success of 'Somewhere Only We Know' , boys -
      > Jen <jdloc4@...> wrote: I think Matt's vocals and the
      instruments are all cranked to 11 on
      > their latest Black Holes and Revelations album (well, except
      > for 'ballad songs' numbers 5 and 6, and maybe number 10 - yeah,
      > I'm bad with song titles) and that the sound is like a more
      > and dynamic Radiohead (The Bends-era), with Matt sounding a little
      > like Jeff Buckley when he's straining on some of the notes.
      > It's full-throttle from the get-go, no halfways here for the most
      > part, with Matt's histrionic vocals pushed to the limit and
      > sonic overload - so be willing to be swept away by the quasi-
      > dramatics of it all, or be ready for your auditory apparatus to
      > shudder in distaste...
      > Someone recently mentioned (I think it was someone at The Big
      > Forum at:
      > http://www.bigtakeo ver.com/forum/)
      > that part of the problem with Muse is that there are no lulls, no
      > interludes of calm and quiet to balance the blasting, overwrought
      > bits - that there's no light and shadow - but to me it comes off
      > exhilerating, like a rollercoaster ride that keeps speeding around
      > bends - and that there is room for music like this too.
      > I feel it's more a question of - does the way the music is played
      > away or drown out the seriousness of the lyrics - because,
      > Muse (or Matt or whoever) do write some pretty dire, straight-
      > and/or contemplative, albeit simple at times, lyrics...just my
      > Does anyone else have their hands on this album? What are your
      > thoughts? Too loud and obnoxious? Just what the doctor ordered?
      > Jen
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