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Ragging leads student to commit suicide

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    Ragging leads student to commit suicide ANI Reports New Ind Press / Gorakhpur - UP http://www.newindpress.com/Newsitems.asp?
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2004
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      Ragging leads student to commit suicide

      ANI Reports
      New Ind Press / Gorakhpur - UP

      In an instance of severe ragging in colleges, a student committed
      suicide in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

      18-year-old Sushil Kumar Pandey was a first year student at the Madan
      Mohan Malviya Engineering college.

      Pandey hung himself to death after he was forced to parade naked in
      the college by his seniors on the pretext of ragging.

      The students blame the authorities for turning a blind eye to the
      severe problem of ragging in colleges and hostels, where freshers, as
      the first year students are called, are exposed to all sorts of
      physical and mental tortures.

      "There was sexual harassment, naked parades and things like these. If
      authorities had taken some steps then probably this would not have
      happened," said Saurabh, a student.

      The police questioned school management and students on Friday
      (September 12) but no arrests have been made so far.

      "It is not possible for us to give a conclusive report immediately.
      We are talking to the boys and the college authorities and it's only
      after full investigation that we can give a concrete opinion," said
      investigating officer, police Inspector Ajay Shankar Rai.

      The Supreme Court of India has banned ragging in colleges but it
      still continues unabated in several institutions due to laxity on the
      part of the authorities.

      The move followed severe instances of abusive ragging turning into a
      nightmare for newcomers.

      Recently, India's premier engineering school, Indian Institute of
      Technology (IIT), suspended some hostel students who had resorted to
      ragging, forcing a fresher to quit and return to his native place,

      Ragging has of late become an increasing social problem, and several
      students have ended up in hospitals with traumatic experiences.

      Some students estimate that nearly 25 per cent of the students who
      apply and join engineering and medical courses, drop out due to an
      inability to cope with the severe ragging from senior students.

      For the girl students, the problem is even more pronounced as it
      often borders on the obscene and vulgar.
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