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Re: [Stonehaven Genealogy] White Family

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  • Linda Wiggins
    Do you have either James or William s marriage certificate? If they married in Scotland, it will list their parents names (including the mother s maiden name)
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 20, 2004
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      Do you have either James or William's marriage certificate?
      If they married in Scotland, it will list their parents names
      (including the mother's maiden name) if they married in
      England, at least you will have the father's names. Keep in
      mind, civil registration began in Scotland in 1855 and in
      England/Wales in 1837.

      Once armed with this info, the next step would be to try to
      find the family unit on the 1851 census. The boys still
      should be at home given the ages that you quoted.

      There are always cracks in the 'brick walls'...the fun is
      finding the crack and then chiseling away at it.

      Kind regards,

      ---Original Message---

      Could any one help me, as I seem to have hit a "brick wall"..
      I am looking for the parents or other siblings of JAMES WHITE
      b1846 Aberdeen don't know what part and his brother WILLIAM
      WHITE b1848 Scotland....I found James and William living with
      their families on the 1881 British census, at the same address
      in Bishops Wearmouth Durham,

      James married MARGARET ANN JOHNSON b1846 Hylton Sunderland had

      MARY JANE -----B1868
      JAMES ---------B1869
      ALEXANDER -----B1872
      JOHN GEORGE ---B1874 he married Ada Martha Llewellyn
      FREDERICK -----B1875
      MARGARET ------B1878
      CHARLES -------B1880 All the above in Bishops Wearmouth
      AMY -----------B1883 Sunderland
      FLORENCE ------B1891 Stockton -on - Tees

      William married MARY ? B1849 Newcastle Northumberland had children

      ROBERT --------B1873
      ANNIE ---------B1874 she married William Bramwell
      GEORGE H. -----B1876
      MATILDA -------B1879
      ALEXANDER -----B1881
      JOHN J. -------B1883
      ISABELLA ------B1885
      MARY ----------B1886
      REBCCA --------B1891 All in Bishops Wearmouth Durham.

      This is all the information I have...
      A lot of these names are reacurring throughout my tree..

      Can any one help ?????
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