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  • Jim Allan <thistleinn@shaw.ca>
    ... Weekly Update JANUARY 12, 2003 ... CONTACT LIST Hi Everyone, As most of you know, I put out a POLL a few weeks before Christmas asking the members of
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      ------------ STONEHAVEN GENEALOGY ------------
      "Weekly Update"
      JANUARY 12, 2003



      Hi Everyone,

      As most of you know, I put out a POLL a few weeks before
      Christmas asking the members of this Group if anyone would
      be interested in adding their names to a Contact List on
      the site. The end result of the POLL was that 35 members
      said they would be interested, while another handful or so
      said they would be interested, but only if it wasn't
      posted on the site.

      With this in mind, I've decided that I will start creating
      such a list ASAP, but only on the condition that it will
      not be posted on the site. Instead, a copy of the list
      will be sent, via email, ONLY to those members who are on
      the list. In this way, we will be sure that we're sharing
      our information with those who are genuinely interested
      and with no one else..

      Below is what information can be placed on the list, but
      it will be totally up to each individual, just how much
      info they wish to provide. As this Contact List will only
      be supplied to the people who are listed on it, I ask
      that these people also do their part in keeping this
      information as confidential as possible and do not pass
      it on to others.

      Information That Can Be Added:

      - Researchers Name
      - Researchers Home Address
      - Researchers Email Address
      - Surnames being researched and in what Counties
      - Link to personal Web Sites (Family Tree, etc.)

      This list "WILL NOT" be limited to those who are researching Surnames
      from the Stonehaven area only. Surnames from any part of Scotland can
      be listed and I encourage those who wish to take part, to list as
      many names as they can.

      Anyone who wishes to have their name added to the list should contact
      me directly at the following email address:


      As I receive dozens of emails every day, I ask that you please enter
      the heading, "SCOTTISH CONTACT LIST" in the subject line of every
      email. "Thank You" and I look forward to hearing from you all very
      soon. Bye for now!





      Now that I've recovered from the excesses of New Year, I'm back at my
      transcriptions. Thought that this might be of interest...


      Issue 2848 Wednesday, 11th August, 1802

      Did at Stonehaven, on the 30 th ult. at the age of 96, John Sloane,
      Bar-Officer of the Sheriff Court, acting Constable, and Keeper of the
      County Jail of Kincardine.

      This man afforded so remarkable an instance of strength and activity
      in old age, that a short account of his life deserves to be recorded.

      He was born in the neighbourhood of the town of Ayr, and had a
      distinct remembrance of the rebellion in 1715, and of the
      circumstances attending the return of his father from the battle of
      Sheriffmoor, in which he had been engaged as a private in the Earl of
      Stair's Dragoons, one of the two regiments which, led on by the Duke
      of Argyle, routed the left wing of the rebel army. He was a farm
      servant till the year 1738, when at the age of 32, he enlisted
      himself in the 6 th regiment of foot, then commanded by General
      Guise, Aid-de-Camp to King George the 2 nd. Having, in 1740, embarked
      with his regiment to join the armament, under Admiral Vernon and
      General Wentworth, acting against the Spaniards in the West Indies
      and South America, he was employed in several of the unlucky
      expeditions in these countries, and particularly in the attempt to
      cross the Isthmus of Darien for the purpose of attacking Panama. When
      these commanders were ordered home, with the remainder of their
      forces, he was one of the few who were spared to return to Britain.

      He served in Scotland during the rebellion 1745, and afterwards did
      duty 10 years in Gibraltar, from which he returned to Britain about
      the time the unfortunate Admiral Byng was brought home a prisoner.

      After being 27 years a soldier, he, in 1765, received his discharge,
      and was admitted an Out-pensioner of Chelsea Hospital. From that
      time, he resided constantly in Stonehaven, performing, during the
      last 37 years of his life, the duty of an active and trusty executor
      of the law, in which occupation his superior manual prowess was often
      displayed. He was thrice married, and the last time, within these two
      years, to a young woman. He was a brawny man, 5 feet 11 inches high,
      uniting a very athletic appearance with an exact symmetry of shape.

      Even at 96 his gait was perfectly erect and easy. Within these last
      twelve months of his life, he has been known, without seeming trouble
      to himself, to walk from 30 to 40 miles a-day, in the execution of
      his duty as a Sheriff's Officer. He always enjoyed good health; and
      there is every reason to presume that his life might have been
      considerably farther prolonged, had he not, at the late County
      Election, in a moment of hilarity, forgotten that he was old. By
      drinking too freely he was seized with an inflammation, which in
      eight days put an end to his existence.

      [The IGI shows only one marriage in Dunnottar for a John SLONE, to
      Mary MILNE, 25th January 1766.]


      Good-bye until next time,

      John Brebner

      Researching Brebner/Bremner genealogies in the North-East of Scotland
      and around the world at http://www.brebner.com




      There are 787 islands off the coast of Scotland, of which 130 are

      The Shetland Islands and Orkney Islands in the far north as well as
      the Inner and Outer Hebrides off the west coast were once part of

      The largest island is Lewis and Harris (859 square miles and a
      population of 22,000).

      Skye is the second largest island (643 square miles and a population
      of 9,000).

      Although "Mainland" of both Orkney and Shetland are smaller in area,
      they have a larger population than Skye.

      The owner of the island of Rum was unhappy about having it with the
      same name as the Caribbean spirit and changed the spelling to Rhum.
      It has since been changed back to the original version.


      Jim Allan, Moderator
      Victoria, B.C. CANADA



      ANESFHS Member 10387
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