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  • Jim Allan
    ... Weekly Update DECEMBER 01, 2002 ... As most of you already know, on November 29th John Brebner posted a message containing 2 extracts from the Aberdeen
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2002
      ------------ STONEHAVEN GENEALOGY ------------
      "Weekly Update"

      DECEMBER 01, 2002


      As most of you already know, on November 29th John
      Brebner posted a message containing 2 extracts from
      the Aberdeen Journal newspaper(pre-1800).

      The first extract was of a NOTICE given to the
      Creditors of ALEXANDER GRANT, late Vintner in
      Stonehaven, dated January 10th, 1797.

      The second extract, dated June 6th, 1797, was an
      advertisement looking for someone to Let the farm
      of MAINS of DUNNOTTAR, the lease to be for 24 years.

      At the beginning of John's message he wrote:

      "I don't want to fill up everyone's mailbox with these on a regular basis
      unless there is a consensus that these are of some interest and use. Let me
      know if you'd like to see more!"

      I would just like to tell you all now, that within 15 minutes of my approving
      the above message from John for the Message Board, I received my first email
      from Ann Belau in California. She wrote:

      Hello John,

      How nice of you to ask for opinions before going further with your extracts.
      My vote is to receive more. I found them very interesting and who knows,
      some future extract may hold the key clue that one of us has been looking
      for. Thanks for sending them.


      Within the past 24 hours, I've approved 8 more messages such as these for the
      Board + received a dozen others through my personal email address...all asking
      for more of the same from John.

      With this in mind, I am happy to announce that starting with today's WEEKLY
      UPDATE, John will be posting additional extracts from the Aberdeen Journal
      newspaper (pre-1800) as they become available. I would like to "THANK" John
      personally for sharing with us what he has found on the pre-1800 Aberdeen
      Journal newspaper microfilms.....I know I'm not the only one who is looking
      forward to reading every one of them.....so I'll stop going on about it and let
      John take it from here.

      When you have some spare time as well, I highly recommend that you take a look
      at Johns Web Site, Brebner/Bremner Genealogy Pages at:



      Hi everyone,

      Since the general consensus seems favorable for these extracts, here are a
      couple more. Once I have a few pages worth, I'll put them on my site where you
      can view them with proper formatting. I hope that someone finds their ancestors
      here...these old newspapers make fascinating reading.

      More to follow.


      Issue 2563, February 21, 1797

      Brigantine for Sale

      To be exposed for sale, by public roup, within the house of Geo. Moir, Vintner
      in Aberdeen, on Tuesday the 28th day of February current, between the hours of
      six and seven o'clock, in the evening.

      The Brigantine, HOPE, of Stonehaven, with all her materials, as presently lies
      in the harbour of Aberdeen, measuring per register 235 and 67-94th tons, and
      will carry nearly 200 tons- is all English Oak, built at Whitby in the year
      1785, she is well sound in every respect, and ready for sea.

      Captain William Penny, the master, on board of the vessel, will show her,
      together with the inventory, and conditions of sale, a copy of which, are in
      the hands of William Park, merchant in Stonehaven, either of whom will treat
      with intending purchasers, by private bargain, before the day of sale.


      Issue 2568, March 27th, 1797

      Sale of House in Stonehaven

      Upon Tuesday, the 4th of April next, there will be sold by public roup,
      within the house of John Milne, vintner, at Mill of Stonehaven, between the
      hours of five and six afternoon.

      All and hail, that tenement or piece of LAND, upon the shore of Stonehaven,
      with the dwelling houses, cellars, lime shade and granaries thereon, which
      belonged to John Cobb, lately of Mill of Kincardine, and are presently
      possessed by Mr. Colin Gillies, Alexr. Young, vintner, and others. The property
      is most conveniently located upon the Quay of Stonehaven- and from the
      increasing trade of the town, must soon rise considerably in its value. The
      yearly rent is about L.36 sterling.


      John Brebner

      Researching Brebner/Bremner genealogies in the North-East of Scotland and
      around the world at http://www.brebner.com



      Here are this month's additions to Colin Milne's Web Site, NE SCOTLAND
      GENEALOGY as written on his Home Page.

      LATEST ADDITIONS - December 2002

      Seasons greetings to everyone! Hope you all have a lovely time over the festive

      Another in my series featuring the graveyards of NE Scotland. This time we
      feature Catterline in the county of Kincardineshire. Established in the 12th
      century it will be of interest to those with ancestors from the area. Read all
      about it in my Kincardineshire Graveyards section

      Another extract from the Black Book of Kincardineshire Read about the
      punishment meted out to a condemned thief and his associates. A fascinating
      glimpse into justice in the Mearns of long ago Another extract from a book with
      local interest. This time we feature a particular favorite of mine, The Kirks
      of Cowie and Fetteresso by Rev J B Burnett. In his book he describes a few of
      the more interesting gravestone inscriptions to be found at the Old Kirk of
      Fetteresso. See it now in my Book Extracts section.

      Speak to you all again in the new year when I will be featuring the usual
      mixture of worthy (and perhaps not so worthy) features and articles!





      - The word "whisky" comes from the Gaelic "uisgebeatha" which means "water of

      - Pure malt whisky is produced only from malted barley (barley which has
      started to germinate and then been dried to stop its germination).

      - Single malt whisky is identified by the particular distillery from which it

      - There is archaeological evidence that an alcoholic drink was made in Scotland
      6,000 years ago.

      - Tax was first imposed on whisky by the Scots Parliament in 1644.

      - The first licensed whisky distillery was Glenlivet, in 1823.

      - Whisky experts recommend that single malts should be drunk with some water -
      though the experts disagree on whether it should be "just a splash" or 50/50.

      - At its peak, in 1978, 300 million litres of blended whisky was sold; there
      has been a slow decline in consumption since then

      - In Scotland, between 60/70% of the price of a bottle of whisky is due to tax.


      Jim Allan, Moderator
      Victoria, B.C. CANADA



      ANESFHS Member 10387
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