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Re: [Stonehaven Genealogy] Re: Fetteresso Marriage Macleod / Middleton

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  • Merle&Ralph Stone
    Hi Susanne Thank you, Thank you, a thousand Thank you s I most certainly would like to exchange information with you. No, I didn t know the family was living
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2002
      Hi Susanne

      Thank you, Thank you, a thousand Thank you's

      I most certainly would like to exchange information
      with you.

      No, I didn't know the family was living in Skaterow
      for the 1841 census. The writing on the photo copy
      which was sent to me by a researcher was very
      indistinct. I could make out Fetteresso because I
      knew the word BUT the following word I have never
      been able to make out. Mistakenly I thought it
      didn't matter but I see now how wrong I was.
      Perhaps it is Skaterow.

      It sounds as though Mary Christie may have been a sister to David McLeod. If
      so this could be a breakthrough as there is a mothers name although in the
      transcriptions I have been sent David's father was given once as David and on
      his death extract his son David gives it as Daniel.

      The copies I have of the 1851 & 1861 census for this family is only type
      written by the researcher. I'll type them here.

      1851 census Village of Gourdon Parish of Bervie
      At Gourdon Book 1 Page 20

      David McLeod Head Married 40 Fisherman Aberdeen

      Ann McLeod Wife Married 33 Cruden, Aberdeen

      Alexander McLeod son 12 " Fetteresso,Kincardineshire

      Thomas McLeod son 8 Scholar Fetteresso,Kincardineshire

      James McLeod son 7 Scholar Fetteresso,Kincardineshire

      David McLeod son 3 Bervie,Kincardineshire

      Robert McLeod son 6 mths Bervie,Kincardineshire

      The 1861 census Village of Gourdon Parish of Bervie
      16 East Shore Street

      David McLeod Head Married 50 Fisherman Aberdeen

      Agnes McLeod Wife Married 43 Cruden, Aberdeenshire

      James McLeod son unmarried 19 Fetteresso, Kincardineshire

      David McLeod son unmarried 14 Bervie,Kincardineshire

      Robert McLeod son 9 Bervie,Kincardineshire

      Ann McLeod Daughter 5 Bervie,Kincardineshire

      Following Ann (who I think was born 12 Oct 1856 was:

      William McLeod b 1851 d 3 Nov 1856 scarlet fever Buried Bervie Churchyard

      Christina McLeod b 26 Jan 1855

      Mary McLeod b 21 April 1861 Gourdon Kincardineshire

      Thanks so much for the actual birth & bapt dates. Also the death date of the
      first David. May I ask where you obtained these dates please?

      David McLeod (father) died 27 July 1864 in Gourdon. His son David was the
      informant. He was 54 years old. I have wondered if there was a headstone and
      if he was in Gourdon Churchyard.

      Ann Mcleod died at Southesk St Montrose parish of Bervie 19 Dec 1870 aged 51
      years. The informant was James McLeod, her son

      The CD you spoke of for St Ternan's Episocal Church Muchalls I'm wondering
      where you had access to it. I'll most certainly go to your web site. It sound
      as though you have done a lot of research here.

      I live in Gosford NSW Australia. Where do you live?

      Thanks again

      ---Original Message---

      Hi Merle

      If you have the 1841 Census you know that the couple then lived in Skaterow.
      This village is of special interest to me (my great grandmother came from
      there)and I have researched all it´s inhabitants.

      To see more go to:

      I do not know their exact dates of birth but... there is also a Mary McLeod in
      Skaterow, married to an Andrew Christie. According to the 1851 Census she was
      born about 1810 in Aberdeen. I think she could be David's sister.

      In the Death records for Kincardine 1866:

      Mary Christie died Mar 9 1866 at 34 Skaterow, age 56.

      Husband Andrew Christie.

      Father David McLeod, mother Mary Davidson.

      Signed Thomas Christie son at 48 Skaterow.

      Unfortunately there are no records for this latter couple in the otherwise so
      useful IGI. I have not checked any Census records for Aberdeen.

      David McLeod and Agnes Middleton had the following children:

      David McLeod
      b. Oct 1835, Skaterow, Fetteresso, Kincardine
      ch. 25 Oct 1835

      Sponsors Andrew Christie and Mary McLeod, which also suggests a link between
      the two. This David probably died as there is a second David born later.

      Alexander McLeod
      b. 1 Nov 1838, Skaterow, Fetteresso, Kincardine
      ch. 11 Nov 1838

      Thomas McLeod
      b. 9 Mar 1841, Skaterow, Fetteresso, Kincardine
      ch. 21 Mar 1841

      James McLeod
      b. 1 Mar 1843, Skaterow, Fetteresso, Kincardine
      ch. 12 Mar 1843

      David McLeod
      b. 20 Aug 1845, Skaterow, Fetteresso, Kincardine
      ch. 16 Sep 1845
      d. May 1846, Skaterow, Fetteresso, Kincardine

      All according to the CD with records for St Ternan's Episcopal Church,Muchalls.

      I would very much like to see your transcript for the 1851 and 1861 Census
      records as I'm very interested to know where they moved to. If you want to
      share any more info I would be glad to receive it and make the picture a
      little more complete.

    • susienkel65
      Hi Merle, Thank you for all the info about the family. I really appreciate it! I m not to my knowledge related to this family, my interest lies in that they
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 1, 2002
        Hi Merle,

        Thank you for all the info about the family. I really
        appreciate it! I'm not to my knowledge related to this
        family, my interest lies in that they once lived in
        Skaterow. I do know of a person who is a descendent
        from Mary McLeod and Andrew Christie. His name is
        Stuart Christie and has his own extensive site at:

        ?Welcome=36178216 (check to see if you get the whole URL)

        I have found the dates of birth/baptism for the children
        (and for the marriage of the parents) on the CD I wrote
        about. It contains photos of the actual pages of the
        register of St Ternan's Episcopal Chapel of Muchalls.
        It covers baptisms 1727-1739 and 1788-1881, burials
        1813-1881 and marriages 1804-1885.

        It was digitised by the Dundee University Archives in 2001. The images
        are very clear with high resolution. You do need a program that
        enhances images so that you can read the entries. I use Photoshop (for
        Macintosh) myself. I have found it easy to read most of the time and
        only sometimes a bit of a challange. Easier though than I thought at
        first, not being used to read old handwriting.

        Most entries concern the inhabitants of the fishing villages of
        Fetteresso; Skaterow, Stranathro and Downies. I have found many entries
        here that are not registered elsewhere, many for marriages and many for
        births of children who seem most to have died young. The CD is a
        wonderful resource and I can't thank the people who made it enough. You
        can contact Peter Nelson (Nelson.Peter@...) who is the
        husband of the current Reverend in Muchalls and order the CD for £15
        which I think is amazingly good value for money! I have given you all
        data from the entries I have found, but it is a good feeling to be able
        to read them in full and to have such a fantastic first hand source!

        I have a few questions about the info you posted. The children of David
        McLeod and Agnes Middleton that you wrote about, do you know where they
        were born? Is the date of birth for Christina really 26 Jan 1855?
        Shouldn't she then be on the census for 1861? Do you know the dates of
        birth/baptism for David, Robert and William?

        Also the place of death for Agnes Middleton, should it be Southesk
        Street? In that case I have a question as I checked the place name at a
        new (for me) site where you can locate streets, villages, farms etc.
        It's at
        According to this, Southesk Street lies in the parish of Montrose or
        Brechin, county of Angus. This is interesting because there is an entry
        for a marriage between a Daniel McLeod and Mary Davidson in the IGI for
        13 Sep 1794 in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland. They have four children, one
        son Daniel born 1801, but all are christened in Angus. It could lead
        somewhere perhaps, or not.

        Thanks again ever so much for your message.

        P.S. I live in Sweden.
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