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714Re: [Stonehaven_Genealogy] Reith & Paterson Ancestors

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  • Eileen Rice
    Jan 2 12:16 PM

      Would you have any inforamtion on the Jean Paterson you list here as a
      Daughter? Searching for a Jean or Jane Paterson who married James Charles.
      Their daughter was my ancestor who was Elizabeth Charles br 18 May 1837
      any help here would be appricated .


      ---Original Message---


      From a little research, here is a "possible" ancestry, based on the
      notion that your Reith family didn't stray far from Banchory Devenick
      or Banchory-Ternan, Kincardine. Your "Jane" Reith, I believe is
      a "Jean" Reith, c. 13 Jan 1777 at Banchory-Ternan, Kincardine?

      Andrew Raitt/Androw Reith married Janet Stragn 28 Jul 1685

      son, Andrew Reith, c. 23 Dec 1688
      who married Isabel Meide, 18 Jun 1712

      son Alexander Reith, c. 16 Apr 1713
      who married ??

      son Alexander Reith, c. 10 Jan 1743
      who married Janet/Janett Douglass, 5 July 1774 Banchory-Ternan, K.,having:

      dau Margarett Reith, c. 25 Apr 1775 Banchory-Ternan, K.
      dau Jean Reith, c. 13 Jan 1777 Banchory-Ternan, K.
      son James Reith, c. 10 Nov 1779 Banchory-Ternan, K.

      Jean Reith married John Paterson (b 1772?) on 15 Jun 1802 at Banchory
      Devernick, Kincardine, having:

      son James Paterson, c. 20 Mar 1803, Banchory Devernick, K.
      dau Margaret Paterson, c. 5 Jan 1806, Banchory Devernick, K.
      son John Paterson, c. 10 May 1807, Banchory Devernick, K.
      son Robert Paterson, c. 19 Mar 1809, Banchory Devernick, K.
      dau Jean Paterson, c. 18 May 1811, Banchory Devernick, K.

      Which Paterson is your gt. grandparent?

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