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5534Re: [Stonehaven] Mill Of Stonehaven

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  • Carole
    Dec 31, 2005
      Hi Margie,

      We have a case in our Menzies family where there
      was a son born to Wiliam and Mary Menzies and
      they named him Samuel and he died when he was
      just ten days old and soon after they had
      another son and named him Samuel. It puzzled me
      for quite sometime until a kind relative was
      able to find the birth and death of the first
      Samuel. All sorts of things happened back then
      but there will be others who can explain
      things better than me.


      ---Original Message---

      In the early 1700s (1721-1740), if a person listed
      Mill of Stonehaven as his address, did this mean
      that he worked there as a miller or was a tenant?
      There were other families who listed the Mill of
      Stonehaven as their address about this same period.

      Would a person who had several wives be inclined to
      name a child from a later marriage the name of a
      living child from an earlier marriage?

      Would it be likely for a male to become a fisherman
      after living at the Mill of Stonehaven? I believe
      that this particular individual may have been a
      sailor prior to his living at the Mill of Stonehaven.
      Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly

      These questions all pertain to the period 1721-1740,
      and in the general area of Stonehaven.

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