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5533Re: [Stonehaven] Mill Of Stonehaven

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  • Ray Hennessy
    Dec 30, 2005
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      Hi Margie,

      I can't comment on the first part of your query
      but I do know that naming two children with the
      same name does occur in families. We have the
      case of two daughters some 18 years apart both
      called Mary. We guessed that the second was
      born after the first had left home. We know the
      elder one lived until she was 69, still unmarried.

      There is a probable explanation of the children
      of separate wives having the same name. If the
      Scottish naming pattern was being adhered to and
      a parent of both wives had the same name, the
      relevant child of that wife would quite possibly
      be given a name that was already in the family.

      If anyone doesn't know about the Scottish Naming
      Pattern, Carol Sklinar has given a good basic
      explanation for naming the first three boys and
      girls in her website:


      There are some additional ideas about 4th &
      subsequent boys or girls which I've tried to
      summarise in my website:


      Best wishes to everyone for 2006,
      Ray Hennessy

      ---Original Message---

      In the early 1700s (1721-1740), if a person listed
      Mill of Stonehaven as his address, did this mean
      that he worked there as a miller or was a tenant?
      There were other families who listed the Mill of
      Stonehaven as their address about this same period.

      Would a person who had several wives be inclined to
      name a child from a later marriage the name of a
      living child from an earlier marriage?

      Would it be likely for a male to become a fisherman
      after living at the Mill of Stonehaven? I believe
      that this particular individual may have been a
      sailor prior to his living at the Mill of Stonehaven.
      Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly

      These questions all pertain to the period 1721-1740,
      and in the general area of Stonehaven.

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