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5531Stonehaven's Fireball Ceremony Live

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  • Jim
    Dec 26, 2005
      Once again this year people from around the world
      will be able to watch the famous Stonehaven
      Fireball Ceremony Live via the internet. Simply
      click on the link below and choose [ Web Cam ]
      from the Home Page.

      The fireball-festival takes place on Hogmanay, the
      31st of December. Moments before the old Town House
      bell chimes midnight, welcoming in January 1st, the
      music of a small pipe band is heard, fireballs are
      lit and swingers emerge from the street leading to
      the harbour, helping to speed the Old Year on its
      way and to herald in the New in ancient style with
      a highly dexterous performance.

      The best time to come to see the ceremony is around
      about 11:20 on the night, any earlier you will freeze,
      any later you will not get a decent view. Allow extra
      time if you are taking a car, as parking can become a
      problem, more about parking later on in the website.

      The swingers will appear just as the clock strikes
      twelve but there is usually the pipe band to see first,
      so be there in plenty of time.

      This year we will have three large Digital clocks which
      are synchronized with the atomic clock, these will help
      everyone know when the new year actually comes.



      Jim Allan