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  • Jim
    Dec 18, 2005
      To all Stonehaven Genealogy Group Members,

      Effective January 1st, 2006, I will be stepping
      down as Head Moderator & Owner of the Stonehaven
      Genealogy Group. This decision was not an easy
      one for me to make, but due to several upcoming
      personal commitments, it was one that I had to
      make just the same. I have enjoyed every moment
      since I first started the Group a way back on
      September 30, 2001, but now it is time to move
      on and let someone else take over.

      As this only leaves 2 weeks until I step down, I
      would like to put out the call now for anyone in
      the Group that would be interested in taking over
      my duties and ownership of Stonehaven Genealogy.

      If a suitable candidate cannot be found, I will
      have to make the difficult decision of what to do
      with the Group. This may include archiving the
      website or deleting it all together.

      If you are interested in taking over ownership of
      Stonehaven Genealogy, please let me know directly
      by contacting me ASAP at:


      Jim Allan