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5518Re: [Stonehaven] Surname Origin

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  • Ray Hennessy
    Dec 15, 2005
      Hi Liz,

      I've looked up the Oxford Surnames

      Arrant: not there
      Broughton: English [from many placenames]
      Gaunt: English
      ---[From a) Ghent in , or
      ---(b) gaunt appearance, or
      ---(c) Gant (glove) - French
      Thigpen: not there.

      Hope this helps

      Ray Hennessy

      ---Original Message---

      I am a new member looking for help to determine
      if the following surnames have a Scottish origin.
      Arrant, Broughton, Gaunt and Thigpen are the
      surnames I need help with. I have not seen these
      names mentioned here within the files, links, or
      database, so I doubt there is a Scottish connection.
      I ask for advice as to where I should go to
      research this further.

      Thank you,
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