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5051WEEKLY UPDATE – MAY 01 2005

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  • Jim
    May 1 6:25 AM
      ------------ STONEHAVEN GENEALOGY ------------

      -------- WEEKLY UPDATE – MAY 01 2005 ---------



      Here are this month's additions to Colin Milne's
      Web Site, NE SCOTLAND GENEALOGY as written on
      his Home Page.

      LATEST ADDITIONS - May 2005

      This month I feature the graveyard of Belhelvie.
      Located approximately 8 miles north of Aberdeen
      this site contains about 350 gravestones, many
      representing the farming folk of the area. Check
      it out now in my Aberdeenshire Graveyards pages!

      My Lists feature has been very popular. Lots of
      you have spotted a name or two! So here we go
      again with another list for you to check. This
      time I'm looking at the Valuation Roll for the
      County of Kincardine for 1863-64. In particular
      this month I'm featuring the fishing village of
      Downies. So if you have ancestors from there I
      suggest you check it out. Find it in my Lists 8


      I know some of you have had difficulty obtaining my book Fisherfolk
      to Torryfolk. Though it can be quite easily located on the computer
      system used by all booksellers many are reluctant to order one book.
      To assist those who may have struggled to find one we have arranged
      for some to be sold on e-bay. As costs are lower here these will be
      sold at half normal price! Look out for them over the next few weeks.

      The weather has finally warmed up and the trees now have a coat of
      leaves! There's a riot of bright colours that certainly cheers you up
      after the long cold dark days! Lovely.

      Join me again next month when I'll be posting some more updates.
      Until then look after yourselves and keep researching!




      The following letter was a fairly long one, so I've decided to post
      it over two Weekly Updates.




      Hello, I am a new member and my wife and I are 19th cousins twice
      removed as we are related due to connections descending from Robert
      the Bruce and also in the Lindsay/Lindsey family. While it is not
      complete the list below shows some of our relationships to Scotland
      and Ireland.

      Robert Worden - rworden@...



      Name: ANDERSON
      Family: Robert's
      Place & Country: Scotland

      From the lowlands of Scotland denoting a servant of Andrew, the
      patron saint of Scotland. They are probably an offshoot of Clan
      Aindreas (Ross). The most prominent branches of Clan Anderson have
      been the Andersons of Dowhill, traced from 1540, the Andersons of
      that "Ilk" but this family has not been identified. Ann Anderson
      married David Crawford III in VA. Ann traces back to Richard
      Anderson and Elizabeth Hawkins.


      Name: BARCLAY
      Family: Robert & Donna's
      Place & Country: Scotland

      The Scottish Barclays claim descent from Roger de Berchelai of
      Gloucestershire who was recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086 and
      who came to England with William the Conqueror. Elizabeth Barclay
      married Hugh Crawford, Marjory Barclay married Malcolm Crawford,
      and Rachel Barclay married Alexander Lindsey. These are Robert &
      Donna's ancestors.


      Name: BEALL or BELL
      Family: Robert's
      Place & Country: Scotland

      The Borders family Bell may well descend from a Norman follower of
      David I who reigned until 1153 and was, by the end of the thirteenth
      century, well established in Dumfriesshire, Berwickshire &

      Joseph Beall or son John Bell may have been the first to come over
      from Scotland. They landed in New Jersey and later Mary Bell married
      Nathaniel Hazen November 1768 in either NJ or PA. Anna Hazen married
      William H. Holland in IL. Robert's grandmother was Flossie Irene
      Holland, the granddaughter of Anna and William.


      Name: BLAIR
      Family: Robert & Donnas'
      Place & Country: Scotland

      John Blair was chaplain to Sir William Wallace (1274-1305) and wrote
      an account of Wallace's travels and adventures. The Blairs of Blair
      are an old Renfrewshire family, & an ancient lineage is also claimed
      for the Blairs of Balthayock, Perthshire.

      Elizabeth Blair married Moses McCuiston, John Blair married Isobel
      Boyd, Margaret Blair married John Crawford, and Thomas Blair married
      Jane Ruth.


      Name: BOURLAND
      Family: Donna's
      Place & Country: Londonderry, Northern Ireland

      On May 25, 1756 a John Bourland, a late servant of Robert Patterson,
      had served his time and was released. Supplied items to American
      revolutionary forces, established by a pay voucher issued to him in
      Sep 1781 by the upper board for the District of Salisbury, NC as
      reimbursemente for "sundry publick claims". Isaac Gray Bourland is
      the one who changed the name to Bouland. The Boulands married the
      Estes and they married into the McCuiston family.


      Name: BRUCE
      Family: Robert & Donna
      Place & Country: Scotland

      The first Robert de Brus recorded in Britain accompanied the army of
      William the Conqueror in 1066; he died circa 1094. This Robert de
      Brus is claimed as the progenitor of the clan although it was his
      son, also called Robert de Brus, but known as Robert le Meschin,
      or "the Cadet", who was the first of the family connected with
      Scotland. Both Robert & Donna descend from Robert the Bruce through
      his daughter Margery/Majory Bruce and Robert Stuart II, King of


      Name: CAMPBELL
      Family: Robert & Donna's
      Place & Country: Scotland

      The name Campbell is undoubtedly one of considerable antiquity and
      the clan has long been one of the most numerous and powerful in the
      Highlands, although many families have adopted the name who have no
      connection with the Campbells proper by blood or descent. The Argyll
      family became latterly so powerful, that many smaller clans were
      absorbed in it voluntarily or compulsorily and assumed in course of
      time its peculiar designation. We find Campbell women marrying into
      the McCuiston family, McDonald family, Wright family, Whitehead
      family, Worden family, and into the Crawford family. Angus Mor
      McDonald married an unknown Campbell.


      Name: CASH
      Family: Robert's
      Place & Country: Strathmiglo, Fife, Scotland

      William Cash was born in Fife, Strathmiglo, Scotland in 1653, settled
      in Westmoreland Co, VA. He died in Washington Parish in 1708. His son
      Robert Howard Cash was born in VA. The late country singer Johnny
      Cash was a 5th cousin twice removed of Robert's. Martha E. Cash
      married Wes Rue, Robert's great-grandfather.


      Name: COLQUHOUN
      Family: Robert and Donna's
      Place & Country: Scotland

      The surname of this clan is a territorial one. The first who
      assumed it was Ingram, the successor of Humphrey Kirkpatrick, who
      is designated in a charter of Luss by Maldwin, Earl of Lennox, to
      Malcom, Laird of Luss, confirming John, Laird of Luss, his charter
      of the lands of Colchoun. The Colquhoun family married into the
      Boyd & the Blair family of both Robert and Donna. George Colquhoun
      married Margaret Boyd, Margaret Colquhoun married Hugh Crawford, &
      Mariota Colquhoun married Robert Boyd.


      Name: CRAWFORD
      Family: Robert's
      Place & Country: Kilburney, Ayrshire, Scotland

      During the reign of William the Lion one Sir Reginald of Crawford was
      appointed Sheriff of Ayr, a demanding and powerful post which was one
      of the Offices of the Crown with administrative and financial duties
      as well as the responsibility for hearing appeals from Courts of
      Barony. His name, along with many other Crawford names, appears
      regularly in the charters and documents of 13th century Scotland; in
      1297 another Sir Reginald Crawford was sheriff of Ayr. They are also
      a Sept of the clan Lindsay. David Crawford arrived at Jamestown,
      James City, VA with his father John Crawford in 1643 from Scotland.
      John was said to have brought several families with him as they
      escaped the persecution of Oliver Cromwell. David was a captain in
      the militia. He was killed by Pamunkey Indians in New Kent Co, VA
      during Bacon's Rebellion. He was married about 1654 in James City Co,
      VA. Adaline Crawford married Stanley M. Cash in VA and moved to
      Oakland, Coles, IL Their daughter was Martha E. Cash.


      Name: DEESON
      Family: Donna's
      Place & Country: Scotland

      A Sept of Clan Davidson. Although Davidson sounds like an English
      name the clan is, in fact, a Gaelic tribe, one of the earliest to
      become associated with the confederation of the clan Chattan. The
      name comes from their leader, David Dubh of Invernahaven, who
      married a Mackintosh, daughter of the clan Chattan chief, in the
      mid-14th century. Margaret Deason married Nathan Frizzell in
      Baltimore County MD. Both of them had been born in Scotland.
      Margaret Deeson married Samuel Adair Sr. in GA. This is probably
      of the same family but not yet certain as they are also part
      Cherokee and travel to OK to the Indian Territory.


      Name: DRUMMOND
      Family: Robert's
      Place & Country: Scotland

      The clan is originally a territorial one from Drummond or Drymen, in
      Stirlingshire Scotland. Sir Malcom Drummond, was loyal to Bruce, and
      after Bannockburn received from him certain lands in Perthshire. His
      granddaughter Annabella married Robert (John) Stuart III, King of
      Scotland. This line merged with the Kennedy, Montgomery, Semphill,
      Blair, and Crawford lines.


      Name: FRIZZELL
      Family: Donna's
      Place & Country: Scotland

      A Sept of the Clan Fraser. The Frasers first appear in Scotland
      around 1160 when Simon Fraser made a gift of a church at Keith in
      East Lothian, to the monks at Kelso Abbey. The Frasers moved into
      Tweedale in the 12th and 13th centuries & from there to the counties
      of Sterling, Angus, Inverness and Aberdeen. Milton Frizzell was born
      in TN but moved to Marshall Co, KY where the family resided for a few
      generations. Susan Elizabeth Frizzell married George Franklin Estes
      in 1899 in Marshall Co, KY. Their daughter Maymie Bell Estes married
      Raymond Washington McCuiston in 1925.


      Name: GRUBBS
      Family: Donna's
      Place & Country: Cork, Ireland

      John Grubb fought with Oliver Cromwell during the English civil war,
      with Cromwell and the Roundheads during the Battle of Nasby, five
      miles northwest of Ravensthorpe on June 16, 1645 ("The Grubbs of
      Tipperary: Studies in Heredity and Character" by Geoffrey Watkins
      Grubbs. The Mercier Press, 1972, pp 32ff.) Possibly for this service
      he was awarded Annagh's Castle near Cork Ireland which included 1,000
      acres of land. He became a Quaker in 1676. Benjamin M. Grubbs came
      from Conmel, Tipperary, Ireland to Calloway Co. KY.


      Name: GUNN
      Family: Donna's
      Place & Country: Scotland

      They are said to have been descended from Gun, or Gunn, or Guin,
      second son of Olaus, or Olav, the Black, one of the Norwegian kings
      of Man and the Isles, who died 18th June 1237. Elizabeth Gunn married
      Hugh McDonald.



      If you would like to share a little bit of your families history or
      tell a story that has to do with Scotland or it's people, please feel
      free to email me your letter today and I will be more than happy to
      post it in a future edition of the WEEKLY UPDATE. Please be sure to
      type "LETTER TO THE MODERATOR" in the subject line of your email so
      that it makes it easier for me to separate from the rest of my
      emails. "THANKS"!



      The term "ceilidh", used now to mean an evening of traditional
      dance usually with live music, translates literally from Gaelic
      as 'visit' and was once used more generally to mean a social



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