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  • Stonehaven_Genealogy@yahoogroups.com
    Oct 1, 2004

      --- It�s that time again to do a complete scan of your computer
      for viruses. Before you do so though, don�t forget to
      update your Antivirus Program, to help ensure that you're
      not spreading any new unwanted viruses to other members.

      --- If you have ancestors who came from Stonehaven, check out
      my other site, STONEHAVEN ROOTS, and see if they are listed.
      If they're not, just fill out the REQUEST FORM on the Site
      and I will add them ASAP:


      --- Will you be or have you changed your email address? Don't
      forget to update your membership ASAP so that we don't
      loose touch. Any member who's messages from the Group are
      sent back to Yahoo.com because their email address has not
      been kept updated will automatically be deleted from the
      Group after 20 attempts at trying to contact them. Please
      don't let this happen to you and if you need help, please
      contact me directly.

      --- Are there too many emails coming your way from STONEHAVEN
      GENEALOGY? Then why not switch your email setting. If
      you�re not sure how to, just let me know & I'll make the
      changes for you. Below are the 3 options available to you.

      They are as follows:

      You will receive every Message that is posted on the
      Message Board, one at a time, as it is approved by me.

      --- DAILY DIGEST:
      You will receive every Message that is posted on the
      Message Board as above, but instead of receiving them
      one at a time, you will receive them all in one
      convenient email at the end of the day.

      If you choose this option, you will receive no regular
      emails from the Group, but you will receive my WEEKLY
      UPDATE, which I put out every Sunday as well as any
      Important Messages, such as Virus Warnings, Changes
      in Yahoo.com, etc.

      NOTE: No matter which option you choose from above, you can
      also read the Messages from the Message Board anytime, by
      visiting the Home Page of STONEHAVEN GENEALOGY and clicking
      on MESSAGES located in the Index on the left hand side of
      the page.

      There is a fourth option available as well, NO EMAILS, but I
      will only approve this option in very special cases such as
      when a Member lets me know that they will be away for a
      certain amount of time, etc. and do not want their Inbox to
      become full while they are absent. The reason for this is
      that by having at least one email a week going out to each
      Member, it enables me to keep a better handle on any email
      addresses that are not being kept current and therefore no
      longer receive emails from any Member who wishes to contact
      them directly.

      --- If you�re stuck on your research or if you have a question
      about Scotland, why not post a message on the Message Board
      today. Don�t forget, there are over 650 members out there
      who are just waiting to help. Who knows...you may even find
      a connection with another member while you�re at it. Visit
      the SURNAME lists as well, to check out the new additions or
      to add some of your own to the list.

      --- Now would be a great time to check out the STONEHAVEN Calendar
      to see what's happening this month or to read about a famous
      Scot who was born during this month. If you would like to
      see something added to the calendar, just let me know and
      if there is room, I will add it for you ASAP.

      --- Do you know someone who may be interested in joining our
      Group at STONEHAVEN GENEALOGY? Then pass on the Home Page
      Link to them or email me their name and email address and
      I�ll send them an invitation today.


      Jim Allan, Moderator
      Victoria, B.C. CANADA



      ANESFHS Member 10387
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