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    Feb 1, 2004
      ------------ STONEHAVEN GENEALOGY ------------

      --- WEEKLY UPDATE – FEBRUARY 01, 2004 ---



      Stonehaven Genealogy Members, M.E. Hughes and Ian Davies both
      sent me the following Article from BBC NEWS and I thought I
      would now share it with all of you. If you have any Articles,
      News Reports, Family Stories, etc. that have to do with
      Scotland, its people, Clans or towns, please feel free to pass
      them on to me at my email address listed below and I will be
      sure to highlight them in one of my upcoming WEEKLY UPDATES.


      Sunday, January 25, 2004

      Scientists have decided that a fossil found near Stonehaven is the
      remains of the oldest creature known to have lived on land.

      It is thought that the one-centimetre millipede which was prised out
      of a siltstone bed is 428 million years old.

      Experts at the National Museums of Scotland and Yale University, US,
      have studied the fossil for months.

      They say the specimen is the earliest evidence of a creature living
      on dry land, rather than in the sea.

      The discovery on the foreshore of Cowie Harbour was made by an
      amateur fossil hunter, Mike Newman.

      To recognise his role in the significant find, the new species -
      Pneumodesmus newmani - has been named after him.

      The Aberdeen bus driver, who lives in Kemnay, told the Sunday Herald
      newspaper: "I knew that the site had been re-aged, that it was older
      than originally thought, so I went down there.

      "I knew that any terrestrial-type things with legs found there could
      be early and important.

      "I had found millipedes there before, but this one had evidence of
      the holes that showed it actually breathed.

      "I'm interested in particular in fossil fish; I describe the fish in
      scientific journals, but things like this creature I pass on."

      He added: "Scotland has the best Palaeozoic - pre-Triassic, pre-
      dinosaur - sites in the world.


      "There are more sites in the small country of Scotland than the
      whole of the US and Russia put together.

      "It's a fantastic place for these very old invertebrates. Just
      think, the first air-breathing creature crawled out of the swamp at

      The fossil is believed to be some 20 million years older than what
      had previously been thought of as the oldest breathing animal - a
      peculiar spider-like creature in Aberdeenshire.

      The millipede had spiracles, or primitive breathing structures on
      the outside of its body, making it the oldest air-breathing creature
      to have been discovered.

      The site near Stonehaven is well known in fossil collecting circles
      for its arthropods - animals with segmented bodies and jointed
      limbs - such as sea scorpions.



      I'd like to announce that we have a new volunteer in the "MEMBERS
      ACT OF KINDNESS CLUB" this week. June Raw has come forward and has
      offered to help anyone who is researching the Surname CARDNO. Her
      family research names are CARDNO, BUCHAN, DUTHIE, BRUCE – mainly
      from Aberdeenshire (Cairnbulg, St Combs, Inverallochy, Fraserburgh)

      June also runs a site on Yahoo called Cardno Genealogy. This small
      but dedicated site was created on June 12, 2003 for the purpose of
      researching all branches of the Cardno family - originating mainly
      from the area of Aberdeenshire on the North East coast of Scotland.
      If you have a connection to the Cardno surname ( no matter how
      small ), I highly recommend that you check out this great site when
      you have time. All members of the public may log onto the site ~
      check out their home page and post messages ~ but if you wish to
      view photos, files etc or receive group messages and information
      updates then you must become a member. Their ultimate aim is to
      form an active, self help group where members may request or share
      information and make contact with other researchers of the Cardno
      family from around the world.


      I would like to personally "THANK" June for allowing her name to be
      added to the "MEMBERS ACT OF KINDNESS CLUB". If anyone else is
      willing to help out in any way with Census lookups, Photography,
      Research, Clan Information, etc., just drop me a line and I'll be
      more than happy to add your name to this very important Club.

      For those Members who have not visited this section of our site
      before, you can find the "MEMBERS ACT OF KINDNESS CLUB" by clicking
      on FILES located in the Index on the left hand side of the Home
      Page. Once inside of the "CLUB", you can simply choose what type of
      help you need and click on the volunteer's name to see what they
      offer and their contact information.



      Here are the final results from our latest POLL which concluded
      on January 30th. A total of 137 Members took part in this POLL
      and it shows just how varied our research experience really is,
      with 3 years to 5 years being the largest Group (27.01%) of
      those who took part in the POLL.

      The question was:
      How many years have you been researching your Family Lines?

      3 ----- 2.19% - 0 to 6 months
      7 ----- 5.11% - 6 months to 1 year
      20 --- 14.60% - 1 year to 3 years
      37 --- 27.01% - 3 years to 5 years
      22 --- 16.06% - 5 years to 10 years
      18 --- 13.14% - 10 years to 15 years
      8 ----- 5.84% - 15 years to 20 years
      8 ----- 5.84% - 20 years to 25 years
      9 ----- 6.57% - 25 years to 30 years
      5 ----- 3.65% - Over 30 years

      Later on today I will be starting a "NEW POLL" where I will
      be asking which COUNTIES of Scotland are your Ancestors from.
      I look forward to seeing the results of that POLL and if you
      any suggestions for future POLLS, please let me know as I
      would love to make this a regular feature of the Group and
      hold one POLL a month from now on. "THANKS"



      I would like to remind everyone once again of their options
      as far as Email Delivery from this Group goes. They are as

      You will receive every Message that is posted on the
      Message Board, one at a time, as it is approved by me.

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      There is a fourth option available as well...NO EMAILS...but
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      that by having at least one email a week going out to each
      Member, it enables me to keep a better handle on any email
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      If you would like to change your Email Preference and need
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      I "THANK YOU" all for your patience and understanding in this
      matter and I look forward to reading each and every one of your
      messages in due course.

      Jim Allan, Moderator
      Victoria, B.C. CANADA



      ANESFHS Member 10387