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2687Stonehaven Fireballs Festival

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  • davies2mof@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2004
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      The Fireball festival went ahead last night despite the
      weather. Big Hogmanay celebrations in Aberdeen and Edinburgh
      were cancelled, as was the party planned for the Market
      Square in Stonehaven. There had been a gale all afternoon
      and evening. Several times, the steel crowd barriers that
      optimistic folk had erected along the High Street during the
      afternoon had blown over. The Police decided it was not safe
      for folk to stand on the street between the market cross and
      the shorehead.

      It also rained all evening, and by 11.00pm crowd amounted to
      a few folk sheltering in doorways and marshals walking up and
      down the High Street looking unnecessary. However, the pipe
      band turned out soon after (without the bass drum, which would
      have been impossible to control). By midnight, there was a
      moderate crowd, probably 2-3000 hardy and very wet people. On
      a good night, the entire High Street is jammed solid apart from
      the roadway for the swingers.

      Almost 50 swingers came and put on a good display. Stalwarts,
      like Raymond Penny and Bill Emslie, and first-timers like Paul
      Davies. Going up the High Street was much easier than going
      back down again into the wind and rain. At the end, the hurling
      of the fireballs into the harbour got the cheers the swingers

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