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2636Re: [Stonehaven Genealogy] Macbeth

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  • Ron Dempsey
    Nov 30, 2003
      As I understood it, Shakespeare was ingratiating himself
      with the new Stuart king on the English throne. Whether
      mythologically or not the Stewarts were supposedly
      descended from Banquo.

      Sir William:

      My Watson ancestors held the croft at Hareden from 1818
      until the 1860's and are buried in the Kirkyard at St.
      Ternan's. Would you know who was their landlords?

      Ron Dempsey

      ---Original Message---

      Macbeth married Gruoch who had a son, Lulach, by her first
      marriage. Macbeth ruled as Regent, pending Lulach reaching
      his majority. Scotland enjoyed great prosperity during his
      rule. Because Shakespeare's King was a descendant of Duncan
      I, Shakespeare re-fashioned history to make Macbeth the bad
      guy and Duncan the good guy. That was not the true story.

      Yours sincerely,
      William Arbuthnot
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