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  • sauchieburn
    Sep 1, 2003
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      While most of you will know of the Gourdon, fishing/
      merchant shipping port, there is also the lesser known
      Gourdon in the Howe of the Mearns two miles south of
      Fettercairn on the Fettercairn to Marykirk road. Old
      maps and documents suggest that the Howe Gourdon was a
      pre "improvements" fermtoun, with a sizeable population.

      The question on my mind is whether the two places derive
      their names from entirely independent origins or might
      there be something which connected them? In past times,
      pre 1800, there wasn't much migration of people between
      the inland farming communities and the coastal fishing

      Locals pronounce the name Gurdon so it is unsurprising
      that both spellings appear in older records.

      Any suggestions?

      Alan Moir

      P.S. I have ancestors in both Gourdons.