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1626Happy Anniversary

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  • abelau@ocsnet.net
    Sep 30, 2002

      How very glad we are that you got up that rainy
      Sunday morning and started this group. Not only
      have we found old family, many of us have found
      new family and all of us have found new friends.

      Many thanks for a job well done.
      Ann Belau


      Yes Happy Anniversary, I think a big hand should
      go to Jim Allan he has done a great job with the
      Stonehaven web site for all us Scots. Helping
      where ever he could and the people who have
      helped others find their ancestors.

      Eileen Rice


      Congratulations Jim, on the 1st birthday of
      Stonehaven Genealogy site. It is certainly proving
      to be very popular, with all the messages coming in.

      I look forward to receiving each day's news.

      Phyl Simpson from New Zealand


      Congratulations Jim & Sean. Keep up the good work.

      A' The Best

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