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4RE: [SCA-Garb] Fw: Stolen Garb Alert

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  • ATOC
    Feb 22, 2006
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      Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 7:00 AM
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      Subject: [SCA-Garb] Fw: Stolen Garb Alert

      I am forwarding this message on, for I have not seen where the items have been recovered.  If they have been found, please disregard and accept my apologies.  Please note I am sending this to SCA and Ren lists a like because you never know where something could turn up.


      Forwarded material follows:
      > Greetings,
      > My apologies for those who receive this message twice. As some folks
      > know, the Friday before Snowed Inn (Jan. 27, Toronto), our car was
      > broken into while parked in downtown T.O. At the time, all that appeared
      > missing was a backpack containing items of little or no monetary value.
      > However, last night I discovered that another bag was missing - a dark
      > blue GoodLife Fitness duffle bag. In it was the set of cloaks that
      > Edouard and I wore for our first coronation. They were blue wool, with
      > gold silk wolves and crowns appliqued and beaded by Edouard and James.
      > Not a huge monetary value, but very sentimental to us. In fact, we only
      > just realized they were missing because they almost never travel to
      > events with us out of fear of being damaged. We have naturally checked
      > in all of the usual spots.
      > Tragically, just as a fluke, a third cloak was in the bag. My red wool
      > cloak, trimmed in ermine and made for our second coronation is also
      > gone. He has lost one of his coronation cloaks, and I have lost both.
      > I have attached pictures of the cloaks at the bottom of this email. If
      > you happen to see our cloaks being sold on eBay or the like, please let
      > us know.
      > Please feel free to cross-post to other lists if you wouldn't mind, just
      > on the offhand chance that someone has seen them. The owners would love
      > to have them back.
      > A devasted duke and duchess,
      > Edouard & Genevieve
      > http://www.tworavens.org/gallery/2003SpringCoronation/037_GenevieveEdouard<http://www.tworavens.org/gallery/2003SpringCoronation/037_GenevieveEdouard>


      > http://www.tworavens.org/gallery/2004FeastoftheBear/7545_G<http://www.tworavens.org/gallery/2004FeastoftheBear/7545_G>

      > <http://www.tworavens.org/gallery/2005-Spring-Coronation/1250_G<http://www.tworavens.org/gallery/2005-Spring-Coronation/1250_G>>

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