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1Stolen Elizabethan Gown and Laurel medallion

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  • Jeanne
    Jan 10, 2006
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      Check the links for photo of missing items:

      Stolen item descriptions:
      - A custom made rennaissance-type pendant of 22 kt. gold, emeralds,
      and a black baroque pearl. Piece was of a dolphin being ridden by a
      sea-nymph. Black baroque pearl forms the dolphin's head, and the
      dolphin is suspended from a green emerald pin by two chains. An
      emerald dangled also below the dolphin.

      - Laurel's medallion pendant of a renaissance style. Cloisonnee, with
      a background of gold with a green laurel wreath, within a silver
      frame. The laurel pendant is suspended from a pin by two chains, and
      three freshwater pearls dangles from the bottom of it.

      - Custom-made 16th Century Elizabethan gown, with hoop skirt and
      corset. White brocade, with gold trim. Sleeves are made of strips of
      brocade with gold trim, that have white silk organza puffs in between
      them. The matching gold pill-box-type round hat has embroidery and
      pearls around the sides, and a red cross of toulouse embroidered on

      - Custom-made red velveteen open gown/ropa/overgown with gold silk
      lining. Short rounded sleeves, made of crossed-strapwork trimmed in
      red and gold braid, with white silk-organza puffs showing through.
      The collar shows the gold lining and has two red cross of toulouse
      embroidered on it at each corner.

      - Ruby cabachone earrings, with three seed-pearls.

      - Costume jewelry set of necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Gold plate
      with red marquis shaped stones.