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Re: Understanding DNA

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  • stuarthomeckcs
    Would someone outline the specific protocol for Stewart s DNA testing...thank you! e.g., Y chromosome analysis at what level (12 or greater ?)and then the
    Message 1 of 21 , Aug 22, 2013
      Would someone outline the specific protocol for Stewart's DNA testing...thank you!

      e.g., Y chromosome analysis at what level (12 or greater ?)and then the exact additional step to identify the mutations.

      Coming from a clinical research background, I know this is a dynamic retospective exploration and new findings that will occur in the future.

      Kathy Yonkers (Jonkheer)

      --- In Stewart-DNA@yahoogroups.com, Sherril Stewart <Sherril@...> wrote:
      > Wouldn't it be more cost effective to purchase the GENO 2.0 test rather than individual SNP tests?
      > Sherril
      > Dean Stewart R-L2
      > On Aug 21, 2013, at 9:15 AM, stuarthomeckcs <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > > Okay this is what I found out regarding Family Tree DNA after you had the Y analysis completed. You look for the Stewart Mutations (I do not know, if there are more):
      > > L745, L744, L746 and DF41.
      > >
      > > Order by signing on to Family Tree DNA with your kit# and password and click on order an upgrade in the upper right corner. Scroll down and click on 'Order an Advanced Test' under the heading "Advanced tests'. On the next screen click the drop down menu on the "test type" menu box and choose "SNP" then in the "MARKER" box type in the name of the SNP such as L745 then cost will come up $39.00, click add. Add the rest of the above mutations, L744, L746 and DF41 then click on the little orange next button hidden in your lower right corner and add shipping address etc.
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > > Kathy
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      > > --- In Stewart-DNA@yahoogroups.com, john wilson <druidtree69@> wrote:
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      > > > You need to test for younger SNPs/mutations. R-M269 is older that R-L21 which for Stewart, has four younger SNPs below that.
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      > > > r1b1a2 seems very common...
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    • janet millen
      Carol   BC this was sent to only ONE person, I am presuming it is for me.  I am Janet E Millen.   My Stewart is my Paternal Grandmother, Lillian Cavanah
      Message 2 of 21 , Aug 22, 2013
        BC this was sent to only ONE person, I am presuming it is for me.  I am Janet E Millen.   My Stewart is my Paternal Grandmother, Lillian Cavanah Stewart MILLEN Griffith Hansen who married & later divorced Calvin Edmonds Millen, Jr.
        Parts of VA & parts of NC changed -- the research on This line was done by one of my cousins, Ray Stewart, who has been researching for over 30 yrs.  Cora on this site referred me to RAY!!!  He has been so very helpful. 
        There are TWO Books, one hard back by Dickerson & one soft cover by Stone -- My 3X gr GF is in both BOOKS -- BUT Dickerson has from Harrison Stewart back WRONG -- though for almost 12 ys I though it was correct.  The STONE book is also WRONG in too many places! 
        my line was In VA (& in NC, but I do not now the details on this, I just know Ray researched in VA & NC -- he went there & did the research in the actual records, I think he still does not do research on line), then Harrison went to Campbell County Georgia, then to Trigg County, Kentucky where other family had already gone,  and some came to Christian Co. later My dad grew up here in Christain CO.
        State lines & county lines were changed at times.  It is almost impossible to KNOW exactly if one does not have the maps of that time frame.  I know in my Stewart research one Family Tree will have a LOCATION and another will have a different location for same time frame!  This is BC of the NAME of the location when the Family was actually there or BC of the More recent name of that location.  FROM the Presentations I have attended at the National Genealogical Society Conferences -- ALWAYS USE as I IT IS EXACTLY written -- spelling and all!  I did not do this when I 1st started (EXAMPLE:  MILLEN instead of MILLER -- I'm Millen, but most RECORDS are transcribed as Miller & some times BC of the handwriting in the actual scanned document (online) it even looks like Miller -- but when you know IT IS YOUR FAMILY!!......  I have been working on this, even if it is just a short note.  If I write a STORY for a record (like the census), I try to remember to put it IN AS IT APPEARS IN THE RECORD.  Then I add what it really is -- sometimes the record is CORRECT, BUT the TRANSCRIPTION is WRONG.  If I am in a hurry, I will use as written and then [correct info].  I try as time permits to do corrections ao variations when I am in a record & it allows one to go into the INDEX and put in info -- I esp. try to do this with the maiden name of the wife, and with each family member with all THEIR NAMES including nick-names if known!
        My STEWART LINE, Lillian (my gm); Alonzo Carlton Stewart (gr GF m to Mabel Evelyn McGehee;   Reuben Jones 'RJ Stewart (2Xgr GF) m to Fannie Adams; Harrison Stewart (3X gr GF) married to Mary Elizabeth Goode;  William Stewart (4X gr GF) m to Mason Harrison; James Stewart, Jr (5X gr GF0 m to Agness; James Stewart, Sr  (6X gr GF) m to Catherine.
        I knew to Harrison & his wife until I was connected with Ray -- He set me on the correct path from them to the rest (it is in the Stone book, but from William to James Sr had many mistakes.  In the Stone book's pg 9 chart, Ray told me of so many mistakes, I could not get them all written down! so I concentrated on my line).     
        Just BECAUSE it is written down in a persons Family Tree & published does not mean the Info is correct!  Ray contributed to the Stone book, his family's linage, I also know Yvonne Stewart, she lives here & she contributed her line to the Stone book.  But Ms Stone (she is on FACEBOOK in her late 90's -- I have not looked at her page, but I believe my Stewart cousin (we share Harrison as our 3X gr GF) has befriended her, I know she has even telephoned her, Ms Stone lives around Lexington, I believe.
        MY KIT # is 210340, Harrison Stewart (I had the Proof to him, as my most distant relative & have kept it that way even though I now have the additional names). 
        The FAMILY FINDER sale has been extended & is $99.00 (savings - $100.00) -- My brother's results are back -- 404 matches, though some are 5th cousins ( & some of these are distant), BUT there were many SURNAMES That I KNEW were in my Family tree!  IF you have not had this done -- & can do it I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.  I am awaiting the results for my sister, me, my Stewart cousin, my Adams Cousin & my Goode Cousin!  I found the results very very interesting & as more autosomal advances are made & more people have it done, the more matches there can be!
        I'm direct stewjem@....  I'm on face book Janet Elizabeth Millen, & home ph is 270-881-4246, if not home leave a msg & I will ph you back -- If you are near by, I will meet you -- the library (ours have computers by the GENEALOGICAL section, a restaurant, etc!

        From: Carol <mcdanell1357@...>
        To: "Stewart-DNA@yahoogroups.com" <Stewart-DNA@yahoogroups.com>
        Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 4:55 PM
        Subject: Re: [Stewart-DNA] Re: William Stewart of NC Kit No. 4359
        We're any of your ancestors in Bourbon, gallatin, or Owen County, Kentucky?  Your name is interesting to me.  My paternal family descended from Elisha Stewart and my maternal family descended from James Snow AND my name is Carol.  My family Tree kit number for Stewart is 202857.

        Carol Stewart McDanell
        Sent from my iPad
        On Aug 20, 2013, at 11:24 AM, "snowcarol53" <snowcarol53@...> wrote:
        I don't believe any of my Stewart ancestors were in NC, but I have a cousin who believes they were and some of the first names you listed are familiar. In fact, I just found a Family Finder match with a lady named Cecelia. I looked for kit #4359 on the Stewart charts and couldn't find it to make a comparison. My cousin's kit number is 198199, our earliest ancestor is posted as Joshua Stewart, b. 1775 SC. Where can I find information about your Y-DNA results?

        Carol Snow

        --- In mailto:Stewart-DNA%40yahoogroups.com, "Brenda Reeder" <kyseeker@...> wrote:
        > Anyone out there connected to William Stewart of NC in the mid-1700’s. He had sons:
        > 1. John Stewart born abt 1777 NC and died 20 Nov 1852 Caldwell Co., KY married unknown before 1801. On John Stewart’s death certificate it states that he was the son of William Stewart of NC and ?. It would have been nice if they would have filled in the mother’s name instead of listing her as a question mark. This would indicate that John’s daughter Cecelia Sue Stewart Guess never knew her grandmother or William Riley Stewart provided the information and also did not know his grandmother. John was living with his daughter and son-in-law James and Cecelia Sue Stewart Guess when he died. She is the only child named in his will. Cecelia lived with her daughter and son-in-law William Riley and Constance Guess Stewart when she died 23 Dec 1875 in Livingston Co., KY.
        > 2. William F. Stewart born abt 1780 NC and died 1860 Sparta, White Co., TN married Elizabeth Morton 15 July 1807 Muhlenberg Co., KY.
        > 3. Daniel Stewart born abt 1785 NC and married Elizabeth Benton 31 Jan 1811 Muhlenberg Co., KY
        > 4. Barnett Stewart born abt 1785 NC and died abt 1849 in Muhlenberg Co., KY married Zelpha Harper abt 1807 in NC.
        > 5. Joshua Stewart Sr. born abt 1787 NC and died bef 19 Apr 1852 Caldwell Co., KY married Ritta Annis Unknown bef 1800 NC
        > No daughters have been identified.
        > I descend from John Stewart and his brother Joshua Stewart Sr. Joshua’s son William Riley Stewart married the granddaughter of John Stewart â€" Constance Guess on 18 Jan 1845 in Caldwell Co., KY.
        > thank you,
        > Brenda Stewart Reeder

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