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Re: My Stewart Surname DNA appeal so far - Kit 40333

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    Dear Catherine Stewart, I thank you for all the work you have done on your Stewart ancestry, especially given the hardships that you have endured. Your last
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 21, 2012

      Dear Catherine Stewart,

      I thank you for all the work you have done on your Stewart ancestry, especially given the hardships that you have endured.

      Your last post to this forum seems to have been in May, 2012. I hope you are still well.

      I am expecially interested in the test results of the men that you mentioned in your message below (Malcolm, Robert and Gordon) and how successful you were in finding a Stewart cousin. Descendants of the High Stewards of Scotland are a small minority of the men who have a version of the surname Stewart.

      I think I learned via this hour long but very interesting video (which begins with a commercial) that via advertisements FTDNA President Greenspan found someone that has his surname that lives in the village from which his ancestors came. Unfortunately that man would not allow a sample of his DNA to be tested.

      In one of your posts you asked whether or not any of your Stewart ancestors were kings or aristocrats. According to this hour long but very interesting video, full genome testing of the Y-chromosome may eventually help the descendants of the High Stewards of Scotland to know exactly how they are related to each other.

      If you descended from the junior (Darnley) branch of the House of Stewart like the ducal descendants of King Charles Stuart II of England your test results would probably show that you have DYS464=14-16-17-17 instead of DYS464=14-15-17-17. People who do not descend from the Darnley branch may also have DYS464=14-16-17-17.

      All descendants of the High Stewards of Scotland have aristocratic ancestors. That does not mean that they are aristocrats. A few generations of poverty usually robs a family of most of the spiritual, etc. qualities that make one an aristocrat unfortunately.

      Sincerely, Stewart

      --- In Stewart-DNA@yahoogroups.com, Catherine Stewart <thecatswhiskers01@...> wrote:
      > Dear All,
      > I am Kit No 40333, From my brother's 111 marker test and SNPs, I am now GD 6 from the kit 140835 and GD 2 from the family mode and have all 3 of the SNPs - L744, 745 and 746. However, I still have no definite ancestor before 1850, when Robert Campbell Stewart appears as a 7 month old baby on the 1851 census for Glasgow.
      > Late last year and now this April (2012) just gone, I wrote two appeal articles that appeared in the Glasgow and Lanark Family History Society magazines. These articles appealed for Scotsmen named Stewart to have a yDNA test with FtDNA - the Glasgow one has so far produced 3 definite respondents, from Malcolm, Robert and Gordon (I hope their test results are interesting and informative for them). I hope to get a response from the Lanark article too. I am also aware of the "trickle effect" in that these magazines are placed in local libraries, etc and may be read quite a while after publication.
      > I intend to roll out my appeal article to other FHS magazines if I can. I did send a poster to the Glasgow central library and send an appeal letter to the main glasgow newspaper, but never had a response from either so I suspect they just ignored them.
      > As before - and I apologise because I know FtDNA tests are still on the wrong side of expensive for the ordinary "man in the street" reseacher, but - please can I encourage anyone who thinks they can afford it to upgrade to a 111 marker test.
      > below you can see the cover of the Lanarkshire FHS magazine and two pages from my article highlighting FtDNA Surname Projects - should I charge commission?! If you want to actually read the pages, click on the image and you should be able to increase/decrease the image size.
      > Cat Stewart

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