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2/1/2010 The Weekly Steppers 411 Newsletter

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    The Weekly Steppers 411 February 1, 2010 by Cynthia Bean The Steppers Internet Connection for Special Events The Stepper s 411 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER ~ Letting
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       The Weekly Steppers 411
      February 1, 2010
      by Cynthia Bean
      The Steppers Internet Connection for Special Events 
      The Stepper's 411 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER ~ Letting Steppers know where to go around the country since 1999. 
      Having problems viewing the entire newsletter? Click here: The Steppers 411.  You can sign up to receive newsletter here also.  

      Where Did Cynthia Go Last Weekend????

      Saturday I went to the Dorchester for After 7 Productions and the Dyamond Divas Blue Jean Set w/Jammin John and guest DJ Larry Young tag teaming the box.  Is there a new dj line up???  Apparently so for now.  Next month DJ Cross will be the guest dj on the box.   After 7 also has a new member, Terrell.  WOW is all I'm gonna say.--smile.  Nice set.  Left there and went to Sweet Geogia Brown's where DJ Stevo was on the 1's & 2's.  Nice crowd.  I talked to Big Tony (CTA) and he told me that his group, The Flames, will be starting a new Steppers/House Set @ Mr. G's this Saturday and every 1st Saturday after that.  WOW!!!  See info below.  
      I got home about 2am. 

      Additional Steppers Info

        Chistepper.com is conducting the Steppers People Choice Awards survey for 2010.  To nominate your favorite in the categories go to: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GPGQVFP .  Nominations are due by this Friday, February 5th.

      Cynt 2 Cents

      I was talking to a lady a couple of weeks ago and she was saying that she doesn't get asked to dance much.  I told her that I don't either.  It just depends on the night, where you at, blah blah.  She said "Errbody knows Cynthia Bean and I can't see you not getting asked to dance."  That's not true.  I can go to sets and know a handful of people.  Could it be because they don't know her and neva seen her dance that she is not getting asked?  Is it where she's sitting at in the place?  Now you all know that I'm usually sitting by the bar, the dj booth or in the back so I know the guys are not going to come get me unless they really want to dance with me.  There are women that strategically sit themselves near the dance floor so they can get a dance.  I'm not hating because when I first started dancing I did the same thing.--smile.  So with me and/or other women not sitting near the dance floor where we can be seen, does that make it harder for the men to come get us for a dance?  Is it out of site out of mind?  What about the women sitting right on the floor, does that make it easier for the guys to dance with them because they see them?  Plus, women today are more aggressive and will ask a man to dance.  Even when the guy is just getting off the floor and is all sweaty they still ask them. (LOL!! I've seen it happen).   My mom told me when I was younger that the man is suppose to ask the lady to dance.  Don't get me wrong, I have/will ask every now and then but not often.  I asked a guy to dance a couple of weeks ago and he said "I've neva danced with you."  I said, "You neva asked."  We laughed and had a great couple of dances.  Now had I not asked him to dance, would he have eva asked me?  Hmmm.  There are other factors in this equation like people being there with their significant others, blah blah blah.   I won't get into all that.  It's just a dance and we all want to get our Step On.  But with the ratio of 5 women to 1 manÂ…..What do you do?  They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  But if it squeaks too much, will you oil it, ignore it, or replace it? 
      That's Cynt's 2 Cents  


       Events for the Steppers 411 MARCH 2010 Calendar are due 4th Friday, February 26, 2010 before 3pm CT.
      50+ Classic Steppers @ The New Chez Roue
      5200 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL ~ 5pm - 11pm ~ $3 ATD
      Contact: 708-606-1221
      Chicago Promotions Company @ Gentle Persuasion
      8959 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL ~ 6pm - 9pm ~ FREE
      Contact: 773 488-1487
      The Urbane Concept @ SteeleLife Gallery Blu 47 ~ Has been cancelled until further notice ~ Contact: 708-557-7552
      Detroit Steppers @ Niki's (New - Wednesdays)
      735 Beaubien St., Detroit, WI ~ 8:30pm - Until ~ $5 ATD
      Contact: 313-806-3225

      1st THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4th
      Afterwork Networking, Steppin' & Line Dance Affair Gil's B-Day @ Alhambra Palace
      1240 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL ~ 5:30pm - 11:30pm ~ $10 ATD
      Attire: Sharp / Men: Suits ~ Perfomances by Antone ~ Contact: 312-608-6358

       1st FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5th
      Unique Connection @ Mariella's Banquet Hall
      124 S. 5th Ave., Maywood, IL ~ 8pm - 2am ~ $5 Tix; $10 ATD
      Steppin in Brown ~ Contact: 630-400-0560
      JEP Productions @ Club Dyamonds
      19755 S. Torrence Ave., Lynwood, IL ~ 7pm - 2 am ~ Free B4 9pm; $5 After
      Contact: 773-255-2617
      The Razz & 312 Promotions @ The Razz Ma Tazz Holiday Inn Matteson
      300 Holiday Drive, Matteson, IL ~ 8pm - Until ~ $10 ATD
      No Gym Shoes, No Baseball Caps ~ Contact: 708-747-3500
      ATL-Steppers Connect 1 Year Anniversary @ Academy Ballroom
      2980 Cobb Pkwy., Atlanta, GA ~ 9pm - 1am ~ $10 ATD ~ B.Y.O.B.
      Contact: 404-918-4375
      Steppers of Boston @ Somerville City Club
      20 Innerbelt Rd., Somerville, MA ~ 8:30pm - 1am ~ $10 ATD
      Contact: 617-625-5730 / www.steppersofboston.com
      Urban Ballroom/Steppers @ Lincoln Country Club (President's Ballroom)
      3485 Lake Michigan Dr. NW., Grand Rapids, MI ~ 8pm - 1am ~ $10 b/4 9pm; $15 after
      Steppin' in Red & White ~ Contact: 616-821-2393 / www.theurbanballroom.com
      DJ Mark Mellow-D B-Day @ The Brass Lounge (In Hennessey's)
      425 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV ~ 9pm - Until ~ $10 ATD
      Contact: 702-755-9739
      Gentlemen of Ballroom @ Mediterranean Party Center (New 1st Fridays)
      25021 Rockside Rd., Bedford, OH ~ 8:30pm - 1am

      Supreme Swing Dance @ Envoyounce Event Center
      4041 Wheatland Rd., Dallas, TX ~ 9pm - 1am
      Contact: 972-765-4790
      1st SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6th
      The Flames @ Mr. G's Supper Club (New 1st Saturdays)
      1547 W. 87th St., Chicago, IL ~ 9pm - 2am ~ $10 Tix; $20 ATD
      Steppers & House ~ Contact: 708-513-1709

      Pill Hill, Near The Pier, Lakeview & West Austin Development Centers 6th Annual Children's Benefit
      Best Kept Secret ~ 1925 E. 95th St., Chicago, IL ~ 8pm - 2am ~ $10 ATD
      Steppers' Contest, House Music & R&B ~ Contact: 773-221-6800
      DeJaVu Steppers Assoc. Suave Larry, Lisa & Lorenzo B-Days @ Burbank Manor
      6345 W. 79th St., Burbank, IL ~ 8pm - 2am ~ $5 Club Members; $7 Tix; $10 ATD
      Steppin in Blue ~ Contact: 773-416-5536
      The Steppers Workshop Georgia (TSWGA) & Limo G Productions Midday Steppin'
      Michon's Restaurant ~ 1583 Virginia Ave, College, GA  ~ 3pm -7pm~ $5 ATD
      Contact: 678.362.4380 /  www.tswga.com
      Pre-Valentine Day Cabaret ~ Knights of Columbus Hall
      4381 Larkin
      Detroit, MI ~ 9pm - 2am ~ $10 Tix; $15 ATD ~ BYOB
      No Jeans or Gym Shoes ~ Contact: 313-737-8383

      NC Steppers Association @ Triangle Dance Studio
      2603 S Miami Blvd, Durham, NC ~  9pm - 12am ~  $10 ATD
      Contact:  919-280-7046
      New York Chicago Style Steppers @ Rustic Tavern
      471 Dekalb Ave., Brooklyn, NY ~ 3pm - 6pm ~ FREE
      Contact: 917-302-3808 / www.chicagostylesteppersnyc.com
      Poetry In Motion Crystal Ball @ St. Joseph's Family Center
      610 W. Exchange St., Akron, OH ~ 8pm - 1am ~ $25 Tix; $30 ATD ~ Proper Attire Required
      Hand Dance, Ballroom, Salsa, Steppin' & Line Dancing ~ Contact: 330-701-7680 / www.poetryinmotionakoh.com

      The Midsouth Steppers @ Silver Spoon Club
      6063 Mt. Moriah Rd., Memphis, TN ~ 7pm - 12am ~ $$$$
      Dress to Impress ~ 901-949-0114 / www.theMidSouthSteppers.com
      1st SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7th (Superbowl Sunday)
      The Devastating Divas, Luther Gage Prod & The Group @ Gentle Persuasion CANCELLED.  THEY WILL BE BACK IN MARCH 2010 ~ Contact: 708-979-5419
      LaGents Entertainment Superbowl Party @ Watra Club
       4758 S. Pulaski, Chicago, IL ~ 6pm - 1am ~ $10 ATD
      Contact: 773-628-9297
      Steppin With Us @ Chez Roue
      5200 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL ~ 6pm - Until ~ $5 b4 8pm; $10 after
      Kevin Nevels B-Day/Superbowl Party @ The Dorchester
      1515 E. 154th St., Dolton, IL ~ 2pm - Until ~ $10 Tix; $15 ATD
      Steppin' before, halftime and after the game ~ Contact: 708-704-7533
      Los Angeles Steppers Connection Superbowl Party@ LASC Dance Studio
      159 N. Market St., Inglewood, CA ~ 2pm - Until ~ $15 ATD
      Contact: 310-895-5712 / www.mylasc.com

      Step Ahead Entertainment @ The Jazz Cafe
      1133 W. 6th St., Ontario, CA ~ 5pm - 8pm ~ $10 Door
      Contact: 909-936-1521
      Class Act Steppers @ The Jazz Bar
      South Dekalb Mall, 2081 Candler Road, Decatur, GA ~ 7pm - 12am ~ $5 ATD
      Class Attire ~ Contact: 404-663-9269 / www.classactsteppers.com
      Real Steppers S.C. @ The Jazz Spot
      400 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO ~ 6pm - 12am ~ $10 Tix
      Attire: Dress ~ Contact: www.Stlouissteppers.com
      Tri-FeKtor Entertainment @ A List Lounge
      212 S. Ludlow St., Dayton, OH ~ 6pm - 11pm ~ $5 ATD
      Steppers Sharp ~ Contact: 937-270-1508
      DBJ Productions Superbowl Party @ El Gogon Restaurant
      3636 Frankford Rd., Ste. 300, Dallas, TX ~ 5pm - 12am ~ $10 ATD
      Contact: 815-209-5777 / www.dbjproductions.com
      Virginia Beach Steppers @ Magic Moments
      2224 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA ~ 7pm - 10pm ~ $10 ATD
      Contact: 757-650-6570 / www.virginiabeachsteppers.com 
      Please note: The Stepper's 411 is not responsible for these events and only posts them as a courtesy.  Contact the Stepper's Organization to confirm the date and times prior to attending any event.  Check the Steppincrew yahoo group page for updates.  (See link at the bottom of this newsletter). Thank You.    
       Cynthia Bean 


          AFTER 7 PRODUCTIONS (2nd Saturdays)
      Next Set: February 13th
      The Dorchester ~ 1515 E. 154th St., Dolton, IL ~ 8pm - Until ~ $10 Tix; $15 ATD
      Steppin & Line Dancing in Red ~ Music by: Jammin John & Guest DJ Cross
      Contact: 312-909-0307  
      Set: 3rd Friday, February 19th ~ Ron & Snoop B-Days (New Members)
      Burbank Manor ~ 6345 W. 79th St., Burbank, IL ~ 8pm - 2am ~ $10 Tix; $15 ATD
      Steppin' in Grey (Opt.) ~ Music by: DJ Cross
      Contact: 773-405-6544
      Next Set: February 20th
      The Sabre Room ~ 8900 W. 95th St., Hickory Hills, IL ~ 8pm - 2am ~ $5 Tix; $10 ATD
      Music by: DJ Vell
      Contact: 773-908-4061
      Set: 3rd Saturday, February 20th ~ King Bert B-Day
      East of the Ryan ~ 914 E. 79th St., Chicago, IL ~ 9pm - Until ~ $10 b4 10pm; $20 After; VIP Table $150 w/8 tix
      Best Dress Contest ~ Music by: DJ Berry, DJ Corey & Tra'Nicole
      Contact: 773-698-2158
      PARADISE PRODUCTIONS (4th Saturdays)
      Next Set: February 27th
      Mr. G's ~1547 W. 87th St., Chicago, IL ~ 9pm - 3am ~ $7 Tix; $10 ATD 
      Music by: Guest DJs
      Contact: 773-593-4293 / www.roseparadise.net   (2010 Cruise w/Paradise Productions) 
      Set: 1st Saturday, March 6th
      St. Elizabeth ~ 50 E. 41st St., Chicago, IL ~ 7pm - Until ~ $20 ATD Only (No tix) ~ B.Y.O.B.
      Music by: Ray Neal(WKKC), Al Greer(WKKC), Woodie McNeal, Tyrone(Ohio), King George(WHPK) & guest djs
      Contact: 773-419-2317 
      Set: 4th Saturday, March 27th
      Ravisloe Country Club ~ 18231 S. Park Ave., Homewood, IL ~ 9pm - 2am ~ $15 Tix; $20 ATD
      R&B, Steppin, Reggae & House ~ Music by: DJ Stevo, DJ Yella, DJ Diego Nad, DJ Nick Nonstop
      Emcee: Ramonski Luv ~ Contact: 708-420-9817
      Coming soon!!!  Watch "Step On It"! America's 1st National Steppin TV show airing every Saturday night @ 10:30pm CT on the Colours tv network "ch9407" on the "Dish" and "Real Time" www.colourstv.org hosted by The "Deacon Doc".  For more info or to advertise call 888-725-0359.  Send footage to steponit357@...
      Saturday's ON 89 3fm WKKC
      Kennedy King College Radio StationChicago, IL ~ 6pm - 1am 
      Contact:  773-488-9552
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       Thank you for reading The Weekly Steppers 411
      Be Healthy, Be Safe and Be Blessed
       Cynthia Bean
      The Stepper's Internet Connection
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