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  • rickysguy
    Aug 18, 2014
      I just acquired a used SV80S triplet with a 2.5" Feather Touch Focuser. I also have an SV80 with the standard Stellarvue 2.5" focuser.  I purchased one of the new .8 reducer/flatteners that are made for the 80mm triplets and are supposed to thread into the draw tubes of either the Feather Touch or the Stellarvue focusers. The part number of the reducer is SFFR80-25.Well, the reducer/flattener screwed into the Stellarvue focuser just fine and seemed to work great but, when I tried to use it on the scope with the Feather Touch focuser, the reducer would not screw in. It would start to catch the threads and then tighten right up and I did not try to force it as it screwed nicely into the Stellarvue focuser. The Feather Touch focuser is a rack and pinion so, talking to Vic, it's surely the newer Feather Touch 2.5 which is supposed to work with this reducer.Anybody have this problem or have a solution?

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