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130195SV66ED arrives!

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  • ozmorton
    Aug 18, 2014

      My beautiful red SV66ED arrived today.  When I opened the case I thought the red was duller than I expected, but when I brought it out into the light it seemed to come alive, despite there being no sunshine today.


      Due to the awful weather here I haven't been able to check out the sun, and there seems to be no chance of any stars tonight, so I put the scope on my camera tripod with fluid head and checked out the distant trees and rooftops.  The scope is very sharp (no surprise there).


      I also noticed that the scope balances better than the ZS66SD I just sold.  I didn't have them side by side to compare (the ZS66SD has gone) but the balance point of the SV seems to be different.  For terrestrial viewing the scope is slightly front heavy, which is no big deal, but once you point skywards it's just perfect with my zoom eyepiece.  I'll be able to leave the altitude friction control on the fluid head loose enough to move the scope around instead of having to lock it down.  That's an extra bonus.

      I'm not one for naming my scopes, but I've a feeling my daughter might want to call this one Ruby.  And since I hope this will be her scope one day, who am I to argue?



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