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130191Re: Impressions on the SVQ100

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  • jbtalbot2001
    Aug 18 8:07 PM
      Hi Kai,The SVQ is a awesome scope.  One of the reasons it is, is because one doesnt need extra corrective optics.  Just plug your camera in a go.  The SV102T is an excellent scope too.  Its hard to rate the SVQ better than the SV102T or the SV102T better than the SVQ.  They are different designs.  I've imaged through both and both are excellent.  The 102 gives you 2mm extra aperture which isn't relevant with a camera.  You need extra corrective optics with the 102 to use a camera with no field curvature, however the 102 may be a bit better at visual observing since the 100Q is designed from the getgo as a astrograph.  Vic could fill you in more about this.  I think it really depends upon what you want to do with the scope in the first place.The 100Q will cover a full 35mm chip like the STL 11K, plug and play.  The 102T would need the large flattener to do it.You can see images from both scopes on my website if you would like to compare in helping you make your decision.  The Q has a 3" feather touch focuser as standard.Jon Talbothttp://www.starscapeimaging.com
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