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130189Re: [Stellarvue] Early Bird

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  • dixonagee
    Aug 18, 2014
      Sorry you guys had bad weather. I don't have a view of the horizon from my back yard, so I drove to the site of a former farmhouse southwest of town.  The house is gone, but the barn is still there.  Best of all - there is a clear view of the eastern horizon.  As I arrived, Venus and Jupiter were shining brightly in the pre-dawn sky.  My first thought was that the 0.2 degree separation was farther apart than I had imagined - but perhaps that was the horizon effect.  I set up my SVR90T on my M2 mount and installed my 45 deg erecting prism, which works great for finding near-horizon objects.  It also holds the eyepiece at a more comfortable angle.   Venus, Jupiter and the Galilean moons were all visible in my 24mm Panoptic - two on each side.   To one side I could see some dim stars in the Beehive cluster but they were fading fast.  The view of the two planets and moons improved in my 9mm Nagler.   I felt like I could see some banding on Jupiter but this may have been prismatic atmospheric dispersion.The view didn't last long, but it was worth loosing a little sleep for.  As sunrise approached, it was time to pack up and go home.  - Bruce
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