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Your LP History?

I feel like I've been running on at the mouth a bit lately, so I'm going to try to reduce the frequency of my posting. I do have a question for discussion,
The Girondin
Jan 28, 2006

Feinstein, Alito, and Majority Rule

Well, at least she was being honest. In announcing her reasons for opposing the
The Girondin
Jan 28, 2006

The "Old Guard"

The "Old Guard" I have received a few messages regarding my comments on "Browne Inc." and the "Old Guard." I do not doubt the commitment or integrity of these
The Girondin
Jan 28, 2006

2006 races to watch

Ok, I've been shooting my mouse off enough... so now I've got a question for the floor. What are some of the big races the LP is or should be focusing on in
The Girondin
Jan 28, 2006

The Theft of Essence

The Theft of Essence *Good morning and happy Inauguration Day. Five down, three to go. I was going through some old files of mine and came across this artifact
The Girondin
Jan 28, 2006

Ruwart for President Petition

As suggested, I have created an online petition to encourage Dr. Mary Ruwart to seek the LP presidential nomination for 2008. You can add your support at
The Girondin
Jan 28, 2006

Ruwart '08 Redux

Ruwart '08 Redux I am overjoyed by the very positive response to my musings about Dr. Mary Ruwart as a Libertarian presidential
The Girondin
Jan 28, 2006

Question and Ruwart note

-- As I've said before, I've just come back into the LP after some time away working on other things. I've noticed the old LPUS e-mail list seems to be
The Girondin
Jan 28, 2006

Purity of "Essence"

Purity of "Essence" A brief follow-up to my posting of my 2000 Liberzine piece. A few folks have rightly criticized it as being the sort of dogmatism I've been
The Girondin
Jan 28, 2006


With the objections of Tom Knapp (who frankly I believe to be more credible than Carol Moore) and Christopher Bennett, I am revising my comments on Aaron
The Girondin
Jan 15, 2006

Simply Red and Midnight Blue

We in the LP face the "wasted vote" argument quite often. It is time to turn it on its head, and to remind sympathetic voters that in many cases, voting for a
The Girondin
Jan 15, 2006

25 Candidates For The LP In 2008

Today, I offer an early assessment of 25 of the Libertarian Party's 2008 presidential prospects, in order of how likely I feel each is to be the eventual
The Girondin
Jan 14, 2006

This is my land?

Apparently it is now a "public" use if the land can be developed into something that might generate more tax revenue to the city or county. More tax revenue?
Larry Weisenbach
Jul 8, 2005


This situation I am about to describe is real. It actually happened. But I am going to keep the names concealed because it is still happening, in the courts
Larry Weisenbach
Jun 4, 2005

Shades of Stalin!

Shades of Stalinist Russia and the old Soviet Union! They had internal passports that were required to be used to travel anywhere at any time. You couldn't
Larry Weisenbach
May 12, 2005
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