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2005 - We Are Still Here

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  • John Wayne Smith
    Spam - You Decide 1000 Planets, Inc. Corporate Headquarters: PO Box 687, Owasso, Oklahoma, 74055 - USA Phones John Wayne Smith 352 787 5550 - Charles Bunch 918
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      Spam - You Decide

      1000 Planets, Inc. Corporate Headquarters: PO Box 687, Owasso,
      Oklahoma, 74055 - USA
      Phones John Wayne Smith 352 787 5550 - Charles Bunch 918 557 5419 -
      General Office 918 371 6003

      2005, Were are still Here

      1000 Planets, Inc. was formally incorporated on January 1, 2001 at
      12:01 AM, in the state of Washington. Many did not think that we
      would last this long.
      1000 Planets was founded on the same formula as all of the internet
      companies that went bust several years' back. When I came on board
      there was a lot of hustle and bustle and expectations that 1000
      Planets would make a mint real quick and move on to other things.

      As a hard core realist I knew that it would never happen. If 1000
      Planets was to succeed it would have to be a real company with real
      expectations and goals. It would have to have a real base from which
      to grow.
      We are not there yet and we are still trying. Too many people have
      the expectations of instant success but as a person who has been
      playing in this field for almost 50 years, I know better.

      When the pervious CEO and founder decided to bail out, I decided that
      the existing organization was worth saving and at least trying to
      give it a real chance of succeeding. We are still struggling to make
      it work. We have not made any real break troughs and have not built
      any rocket ships yet but we are still young.

      Nothing exciting happened at 1000 Planets, Inc. in 2004. People have
      come and gone. All was expecting things to be done magically quick.
      The 10 or so people who are actually in it for the long run have done
      what they could to make progress and maybe we have. Some new plans
      have been proposed and some things are in development.
      Thirteen people will receive stock in 1000 Planets, Inc. for their

      Each year we issue 1000 shares of stock. This stock is issued using a
      formula based on what someone has done for 1000 Planets. In 2004
      these 13 people did actual work that deserved inclusion in the stock

      John Wayne Smith, CEO. 510 shares.
      Charles Bunch, CFO 180 shares.
      Morgan Schafer, Secretary, 50 shares.
      Manuel Cuba, VP 30 shares.
      Jonathan Duncan, Webmaster, 25 shares.
      Abdul Malik, Web and research team, 25 shares.
      Dan Casale, Tech Department Head, 25 shares
      Francoise Hardy, Business Department Head, 25 shares.
      Kevin Davis, Web team member, 20 shares.
      Michael Binder, Research team member, 20 shares.
      Jordan Pelovitz, Research team member, 20 shares.
      Phillip Bowen, Research and web team member, 20 shares.
      Melanie Rehbein, Research team, 20 shares.
      Held in reserve, 30 shares.

      The people receiving shares for 2002, 2003 and for 2004 are as listed
      and the number of shares each person will hold are also listed. For
      those who were already stock holders both current and new amounts are
      listed as well as totals.
      1000 Planets currently has 19 stockholders.

      Name, pervious, current, total
      John Wayne Smith 1020 + 510 = 1,530 shares
      Michael Laine 280
      Charles Bunch 240 + 180 = 420
      Morgan Schafer 50 +50 = 100
      Seth Matheson 45
      Manuel Cuba 40 + 30 = 70
      Francoise Hardy 40 + 30 = 70
      Cory R. 20
      Abdul Malik 20 +25 = 45
      Dan Casale 20 + 25 = 45
      John Cooke 20
      Kevin Davis 20 + 25 = 45
      Dustin Mcbeth 15
      Matt Cheetham 15
      Jared Dickinson 15
      Michael Binder 20
      Jordan Polovitz 20
      Phillip Bowen 20
      Melanie Rehbein 20

      Reserve 100 + 30 = 130

      While nothing that was done in 2004 has resulted in accomplishments
      that one can brag about, I believe that we have set the foundations
      of good things to come. The financial report will be reported as soon
      as we have a Board of Directors Meeting. All will be invited to
      attend the board of directors meeting via the internet when it

      John Wayne Smith, CEO
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