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List Business and a Personal Introduction

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  • Monart Pon
    As of August 30, the homepage of Starship Aurora, the sponsor of this forum, has moved to its own domain at http://www.starshipaurora.com. New articles have
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2001
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      As of August 30, the homepage of Starship Aurora, the sponsor of this forum, has
      moved to its own domain at http://www.starshipaurora.com New articles have been
      posted there in the past two months, and comments, questions, and suggestions
      from you will be welcomed. Please send them to <monart@...> or post
      them to this forum.

      I have not done any further development of the Starship Forum since its
      inception two months ago, due to several other projects I had to complete first
      -- including transferring to someone else my moderatorship of another forum, OWL
      (objectivism at wetheliving.com), which was consuming a large portion of my spare
      time. Starting now, I will be devoting more effort to growing the membership of
      this forum and encouraging discussion threads.

      During the period when I suspended this forum, I also overlooked subscription
      requests from several people, to whom I now apologize. I should have checked the
      forum mail. I've already sent confirmations to those people, hoping they are
      still interested in joining. Among them is Matt Ballin, whom I know from email
      correspondence, and who is also an OWL subscriber and the moderator of the SOLO
      Forum. Welcome, Matt. The others, I also welcome, and invite you to introduce
      yourselves to this forum. To start it off, here is a background to myself:

      I am the founder and moderator of this Starship Forum and the founder and
      director of Starship Aurora. I have studied and practiced the philosophy of
      objectivism since first reading, in 1971, ~The Fountainhead~ by Ayn Rand. That
      was at the end of my first year of studies in astrophysics, planning for a
      career in some field of astronautics or astronomy. But, inspired by the works of
      Ayn Rand, I switched my studies to philosophy, and began my new career that has
      included: confrontations with university professors; attracting new students to
      objectivism; founding a few objectivist-type organizations; earning a bachelor's
      in philosophy at the Univ. of Alberta and a master's in objectivist astronautics
      at Univ. of Calgary; staying married to the same woman for 28 years and together
      raising two daughters; working in various businesses (currently in software
      quality assurance); and continuing to promote rational common-sense and goodwill
      in the people I deal with.

      My interests, knowledge, and experience are broad and diverse -- including
      philosophy, psychology, religion, arts (especially music), science, technology
      (particularly computers), and more, but all can be classifiable as cultural
      philosophy. I can be extremely analytical, and can also be comprehensively
      integrative. I am sensitive to new ideas and values, and am respectful of past

      From the time when I came to Canada from China as a boy, my vision and purpose
      has been "Starship". Now, at 50, it still is; hence: Starship Aurora and this
      Starship Forum.


      ~ * ~
      Visit Starship Aurora
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