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6The Starfriends list

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  • joniferris@ymail.com
    May 12, 2014
      This list has really been around a very long time, it is was ton esosoft.com.
      For many years and years we had so many members and then
      there were people who wanted privacy who were abductees,
      that the list eventually split into 3 different lists. The lists
      were called Starfriends, UFOpals, and StarSchool. When it got
      to the point that there were so many things going on at once,
      I had to condense all the lists into one list, which is UFOpals
      now on the net. But I wanted to start the Starfriends list again
      for people to personally talk on it, talk about their UFO experiences,
      etc., etc., So, you do not have to be an experiencer, just have an
      interest in UFOs, ets, alien
      interdimensionals, angels, etc., etc., and invite people who would
      like to join in, over here. So, post, introduce yourself, and hope you
      have a good time!

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