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  • smirandr1
    *** For widest distribution possible *** ATTENTION REGION TWO Colonel Oliver Savander SR Regional Relay Officer *** For widest distribution possible ***
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2008
      *** For widest distribution possible ***


      Colonel Oliver Savander SR
      Regional Relay Officer

      *** For widest distribution possible ***


      In the past several months there has been a growing interest in the
      SFMC and as a results units are becoming more and more active and are
      writing about it and submitting their articles to the Attention On
      Deck! (AoD!)

      However because the SFMC has to work within the space constraints that
      are given to it by the CQ editorial staff we are finding that the
      space that is alloted is not nearly enough to publish all of the
      articles that are coming through. As a result many are either not
      being published or are being published in the an issue for which they
      were submitted for. Also we are finding that because of the bimonthly
      nature of the CQ/AoD! there are issues when dealing with time
      sensitive materials.

      So in order to remedy this INFOCOM has decided to create and publish
      the AoD! EXTRA, a supplement to the AoD!. This new monthly newsletter
      will only be available exclusively online in Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
      format and will not only feature the requisite reports but also
      articles from various contributors from around the Corps and those
      articles that did not make it into the AoD!

      The AoD! EXTRA is in no way meant to signal the end of our commitment
      to the AoD! in the CQ. It is meant to accompany and supplement the
      Attention on Deck! which can be found in every issue of the CQ.

      So who's behind this new thing? The publisher is, naturally, Sean
      Neimeyer as COINFOCOM. Dave Lowe, as DCOINFOCOM serves as the managing
      editor of the AoD! EXTRA. Layout Editor is Michael Timko and Content
      Editors are JD Clancy and Erik Roberts.

      A final "call for content" is going out for the first issue of the
      AoD! EXTRA. Deadline for submissions is coming up fast. We plan to
      release the first issue the first full week in January. Apologies for
      the short notice, but we want to start off 2009 with a bang.

      Submissions may be made to dcoinfocom@... of either pictures,
      artwork, or feature articles. Please submit all articles in plain
      text, like in Notepad. our Layout team will thank you, it's easier to
      cut and paste into the software that way.

      The guys at INFOCOM are always looking for new ways to score Extra
      Geek Points. The AoD! EXTRA is produced with free and open source
      software, including the Scribus desktop publishing platform
      (http://www.scribus.net) and the subscriptions are managed with poMMo
      mailing list management software (http://pommo.org). We are using
      Subversion (SVN), a spiffy version control system that stores all our
      work on the SFI-SFMC.ORG server so the team can all work on it
      collectively in real time. The goal is no single point of failure, so
      if a staffer goes on vacation or gets hit by a meteor, the AoD! EXTRA
      can go on unimpeded.

      The AoD! EXTRA will be delivered via email list. This email will
      provide a summary of the issue (in HTML) and a hotlink to download the
      PDF. You may subscribe to the AoD! EXTRA by visiting the following web
      page: http://sfi-sfmc.org/pommo/user/subscribe.php

      Once subscribed, you will be asked to confirm the subscription. This
      cuts back on spam. You may manage your subscription anytime by
      visiting this web site: http://sfi-sfmc.org/pommo/user/login.php

      Of course, new issues will also be announced in the usual places,
      including the CORPS-L and the SFI-SFMC.ORG website. The issue will be
      released with permission to reprint and copy freely to all members.

      Looking forward to a great 2009!

      </dave> dave at davedorm dot com
      Gunnery Sergeant Dave Lowe

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