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Re: Test

Yes it does!
Nov 23, 2006


Just seeing if this still works. Alex
Alexander Kung
Nov 19, 2006


I tried to send something to the Gmail account but I don't know if it went through I then tried to check the gmail account but I could not get in. I want
Alexander Kung
May 3, 2005

Re: Domain update

Domains can be gotten anywhere... I pay $39 for .ca through Jeff... and I believe it's 36 for a .com... Just to point out... torontoline.com is already
Grey Starr (TD-2519)
Mar 14, 2005

Re: Domain update

If we can't get the domain before April, and it expires in June we should just ditch it and register a new one. I would like it to be registered in David's
Adam Richardson
Mar 14, 2005

Re: Domain update

Hey hey... Frogstar (from now on Jeff)... can do the work to get the domain for you... but it'd be billable time... Or simply get the new domain name and he
Grey Starr (TD-2519)
Mar 14, 2005

Re: Domain update

... Once we get the web site up you can redirect people to the new site. It should not be hard to do at all. Alex Toronto, Canada Styrofoam Guy Extraordinaire
Mar 14, 2005

Domain update

After a rather involved and extremely irritating process, I have found that it will be impossible to have anything to do with the domain changed in any way for
Mar 13, 2005


We are not sure if this account or the Gmail one will work out better so for now we are going to use both until one dies a slow death Alex Styrofoam Guy
Alexander Kung
Mar 3, 2005

Ad Hoc Contact List

Hi All, Here is the contact list from Saturday (Feb 26th) including Dan who I just got the info from. If there are any changes or additions, reply to this
Alexander Kung
Mar 3, 2005

GMail Account

www.gmail.com torontoline password: jedisith The above is the Gmail account set up for the group Currently we do not know which one will be used more for the
Alexander Kung
Mar 3, 2005
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