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1348Solitaire Rules for playing FASA STSTCS games

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    Jan 10, 2013
      Has anyone who is interested in playing the Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Sysyem by FASA ever developed a set of solitaire rules for the game?

      These days, I just haven't got time at present to get together with anyone who is interested in the system. So something that would allow me playing against another 'side' with some form of random yet tactical gameplay wouldn't go amiss.

      I've tried asking on Brad Torgersens STSTCS site, but people haven't managed to get back to me on the subject yet.


      I've also asked over on The Miniatures Page under Solo Wargaming and Spaceship Gaming.


      Also asked over on Starship Combat News forums.


      I know from a few replies at TMP that the FASA power allocation would be a problem. I have a couple of ideas from someone at Brad's site, along the lines of "all power to attack", "all power to defense" etc. Plus manuever/attack patterns to roll for. This could be rolled for every turn for the enemy side. Any other suggestions or ideas anyone has tried?

      Or is there anything in other starship combat games that could be adapted that people  could point me in the direction of?