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1346Fw: All Scale Trek - new modeling forum

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    Nov 16, 2012
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      So, anyone joined the All Scale Trek forum? It looks like it's developing into a nice forum, and not just for Trek kit modelers. It caters for gaming miniatures, collectables and toys (Playmates), costumes and props too. I joined up just because of my interest in FASA scale starship miniatures, but I will be posting some stuff about my RPG 25/28mm minis as well.

      It's a friendly place, and you'll be more than welcome if you come along. There are a few folk from the Starship Modeler Star Trek forum already, as well as from Starship Combat News forum as well. But the more the merrier, eh? Help turn it into a dynamic and wide ranging Trek modeling and collectables forum.


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      Subject: All Scale Trek - new modeling forum
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      Date: Thursday, 8 November, 2012, 20:23

      Hi all

      Here's a link to a new Trek modeling forum.


      Caters for many scales, starting at the gaming miniatures scales (1/3788, 1/2500 etc) and going up from there. Thought Trek gamers here might find it interesting.