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1344Thank you all for your support

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  • TheCrmsnPyrut@aol.com
    Nov 16 7:47 AM
      Hello everyone. 
      Thank you all very much for your concern, thoughts, prayers, and sympathies.  They are very much appreciated.

      I came home from the hospital yesterday.  Getting settled in here really wiped me out.  I now have 2-3 months off to rest and recuperate and learn my new lifestyle.  Hopefully, if I am a good boy, about the time I get used to this lifestyle I will be getting back to a more normal one.
      I hope everyone made it through the northeaster on the heals of the hurricane.  Also, if your employer offers an optional short term disability plan, take it Wink   You never know when you might need it.

      Thanks Rouschkateer for posting updates and stopping by to visit.  Sorry I flipped you off ;) 
      Thank you Trynda1701 for sharing the updates with everyone on the many many lists and groups. 
      Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.