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1342Fw: Urgent news about Crimson Pirate

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    Nov 10, 2012
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      To all

      The word is that after a sextruple bypass (!) he is in recovery, and has been allowed to sit up, although he originally also tried to GET up, and had to be re-sedated! He has been told in no uncertain terms by various Pirate forum members to rest the f*uck up! I have passed on your good wishes and prayers from you all via rouschkateer


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      Subject: Urgent news about Crimson Pirate
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      Date: Friday, 9 November, 2012, 20:31

      Just read this from forum member rouschkateer  over on the Crimson Pirate forum

      "Today, Crimson Pirate is going into heart bypass surgery. It is very sudden. He was experiencing gas pain and thought it was stress for the past three days.

      I am going to be there today with his wife when he goes in (and comes out), and will keep everyone posted.

      Please keep him in your thoughts, or prayers, that he comes through surgery and recovery quickly.

      Obviously, this means that any game/discussion/group/board he is currently involved in will be on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time.

      I will update as soon as possible tonight. Thanks for your understanding during this difficult time.

      Also, please feel free to copy/paste the above status for any groups/discussions he is involved in. Thanks."

      Here's to a speedy recovery, and positive thought for him and his family, eh?