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1335Hey all, just a shout out....

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  • trekcross
    Nov 8, 2012
      First of all Thank your Crymson for your thoughts on our fellow members up in the North East and want to share my setiments that Hope you are all doing well and getting the Aid and support you need at this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you right now.

      Second I guess the big thing is the Big Bad Wolf running around with C&D letters for those of us still supporting and sharing files from FASA and the electronic Copies of the material. Has anyone actualy heard any of the Yahoo Groups getting letters? I have heard some rumors, but have not really seen any e-mail about anyone like Mustaka, or Morena getting letters. As much as I get on my Yahoo these days since work has me pretty much tied up with the last month and a half of our three year tower project, free time is a missed time.

      Third and lastly....are any of you out there regular Star Trek Online players and do you have any fleets needing members? I was boared last weekend and decided to try it out for a spin. Not as exciting as Eve Online but still not totaly was of time yet lol. If so let me know and maybe I can join some of you sometime.

      Hope you all have a good and safe Holiday time and be safe,

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