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80latest Shark's games

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  • Christine Swieszcz
    Oct 22, 2008
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      Hi Ladies-
      I don't mean to always talk about my Sharks but, well, that's all I can watch.    We recently had a home & home series w/the Flyers & I must say they were the strangest most exciting games I have ever seen.  We beat the Flyers on Saturday (I stayed home & sold my tickets) 5-4 in OT  the scoring & the lead went back & forth like crazy.  Then tonight we beat them in a S/O 7-6.  The score after the first persiod was 4-3 Sharks & I have to say they finally scored first period goals for the first time in the season!!!  Yes I am happy they won but would still say they were exciting & strange games even if we didn't.  This gives them an overall record of 6-1-0.
      WHat are your teams up to & how are they doing?  Any exciting news.  I am going to the Penguins game on TUesday & then the Detroit game if anyone wants anything.
      Christine Swieszcz
      The Chick who needs to buy a vowel in Walnut Creek, CA
      Go Sharks!!!
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