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70My new stick

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  • Christine Swieszcz
    Jun 10 9:55 PM
      Hello Stitchers-
      Just wanted to let you know I posted some new pictures on our website under my regular hockey photos.  Or just hit new photos I guess.  I was picked as a winner from a text messaging contest by the SJ Sharks & my prize arrived this morning!!!  I was told it was a hockey stick honoring Jonathan Cheechoo's 56 goal scoring Rocket Richard award winning season.  I thought is was going to be some 1/2 size stick.  Uh, no.  It's the big one.  I guess all I need now are skates & I can play pick up games?  I think not.  I haven't a clue what I am going to do with it but as Lily has clearly taken a shine to it, it's bound to be a huge cat toy.  I think I will get her a baby's jersey to wear so I can get a pic of her with the stick.  I'm such a proud mum.
      Christine Swieszcz
      The Chick who needs to buy a vowel in Walnut Creek, CA
      Go Sharks!!!
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