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65Congrats & other news

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  • Christine Swieszcz
    May 22, 2008
      Hello Ladies-
      Sorry I am late on the congratulations, I have been sick since Game 5 of Sharks vs Stars.  I had a virus for 2 weeks, felt like mono & now I am in week 3 with bronchitis but on antibiotics, hopefully I will be well soo or I am going to the doctors on Monday & requesting a lung transplant or something else dramatic.  The wind is blowing like crazy & we have cottonwood trees that blow their seeds & pollen in what looks like wisps of cotton wool, it looks like it's snowing here.  Not a day to go to the grocery store.  I am staying in tmro with my inhaler & my kleenex.  Ok enough of my woes.
      Congratulations to the Red Wings & the Penguins.  I can't wait for Saturday to watch the games.  At Frida will have a better chance to watch all the games in their entirety w/o staying up until 5 in the morning.  Frida I still have not made it to the post office I am sorry.  Also do not want to transmit any germs from me internationally, but I think they die after 72hours. 
      I read last night that Jeremy Roenick is coming back for another season at the Sharks & I almost cried for joy.  He's getting about $1M, which in this area of the state & for what he does doesn't seem like much to me but I think it may be more than what he got last yr.  I am just happy he staying. 
      While being sick I watched a movie called In The Crease....it's about this hockey team in Southern California that's for 14 unders in 2005 that went to the National Championship near Chicago, I want to say Benesville (Patty help me out here).  It was a great movie, if you get a chance to rent it or loan it out from the library or buy do, especially if you have kids interested in playing.  One family of East Indian origin named their son Wayne after Gretzy.  The father would stay up to watch the horse racing at night & his races were preempted by the darned Kings games going over their time slot.  He finally got hooked on the game & then they started taking the son to skating lessons at the age of 2.  Family portraits where they are all decked out in Kings gear.  It was very cute.  One family had all this memorabilia in the house & they had this African grey parrot named Skittles & they had the camera on him & all of a sudden the parrot says "Gretzy gets the puck, shoots, he SCORES" , it was the funniest thing, worth it just for that.  Lots of great momnets in the movie & why this is a perfect sports for kids from the kids point of view & the parents.
      I just found out that MVP (from Canada) is coming to SoapNet channel.  I saw the previews of this show while watching HNIC on my Center ICe program.  It reminded me a show from BBC America that I loved called Footballers Wives, were it's a night time soap set around a hockey team & their wives & girlfirends.  Wendy, is it any good?  Is it rauchy & sexy?  It starts on June 19th here in the States so I of course will be glued to the tv. 
      Well I am tired.  What is everyone working on?  Is everyone planning on doing a journal quilt(s) for Houston this year.  If I can get feeling better anytime soon I will.  NOt sure what I am going to do yet.
      take care, stay healthy out there.
      Christine Swieszcz
      The Chick who needs to buy a vowel in Walnut Creek, CA
      Go Sharks!!!
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