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"Honoring the Peacemakers" Service on November 11

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  • zuckerwoman
    I would also like to invite participation by RPCVs that might be interested. Those interested should contact me at this email - paulchakroff@gmail.com -PRESS
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      I would also like to invite participation by RPCVs that might be
      interested. Those interested should contact me at this email -


      The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Croix celebrated its
      20th anniversary Sunday, October 28, with a return to an earlier
      place of worship—the St. George Village Botanical Garden. Founding
      members Marsha and Phil Shuman presented the fellowship's history.

      Small groups of religious liberals known as UUs have met
      on and off on St. Croix since the 60s, but the group founded in 1986
      and incorporated in 1987 and admitted to membership in the national
      Unitarian Universalist Association that same year has met
      continuously for 20 years.

      Former residents Milton and Marcia Forbes organized the fellowship,
      which met for a few years in the early 90s at the Botanical Garden.
      It has returned there and is now meeting in the Garden's new Bodine
      Visitors Center.

      The UU Fellowship of St. Croix currently has about 20
      members and another 20 or so more or less regular attendees. It meets
      the second and fourth Sundays of each month at 10 AM from October
      through May. Services are led by members, friends, guest speakers
      and, whenever possible, visiting ministers. New visitors are always

      Between services the fellowship holds regular small
      discussion group meetings and occasional workshops on subjects such
      as being a welcoming community and encouraging diversity.

      The UU Aims and Purposes are: 1. To provide a fellowship
      for persons desiring freedom of religious thought. 2. To strengthen
      one another in searching for truth and striving for a growing
      philosophy. 3. To promote individual freedoms including thought,
      expression, the pursuit of happiness and social ministry, 4. To
      further the democratic process in human relations and to serve the
      universal human family. 5. To strive for a world fellowship of peace.

      The next service, on November 11, Veterans Day, will
      be "Honoring the Peacemakers," and will be led by Paul Chakroff and
      others. Services start at 10 AM and are followed by a coffee hour.
      More information is available at www.uustcroix.org or 719-5735.
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