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2Good Morning!

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  • zuckerwoman
    Mar 20, 2007
      It looks like there are a few new members to our group. So, I thought I
      would introduce myself. I am an RPCV Samoa (2004-2006) and new to St.
      Croix. I met Ethan in Samoa (he was in my Peace Corp group) and he
      grew up here in St. Croix. Since we are both used to living on an
      island, we love it here and hope to make this our permanent home. I am
      currently working at the Blue Moon, so stop by for a drink and say hi!
      Oh yeh, we were both village based development volunteers, living in
      rural villages on Savaii.

      I hope this group serves as a new way of communicating within the RPCV
      community here on St. Croix. I can't tell you how many RPCVs I have run
      into in the few months I've been here. I am going to set up
      an 'approve/disprove' setting for new members of this group to keep
      spammers out and keep our group pure. So, pass the word and drop a line
      about who you are and where you served.

      Have a lovely Day! Sara