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Re: Joy Day in Heidelberg, journey miracle

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  • olaf_hamburg7
    Peter, thank you for telling something about the evening program which I unfortunately missed, because I was working until Saturday evening. But it was worth
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      Peter, thank you for telling something about the evening program
      which I unfortunately missed, because I was working until Saturday
      evening. But it was worth driving to the Joyday just for Sunday
      morning. We arrived at midnight just after the final meditation.

      For me it is always a miracle, how the journey to a Joyday feels as
      if the Joyday has already started when you begin the effort of
      getting there. From my home town it is always quite a journey -
      actually between 600 to 1000 km one way - but it is definitely worth
      it. I know there are lots of people who make these efforts as well -
      I'm just thinking of the people from Hungary, Slovakia, Italy or any
      other places faaaar away.

      I enjoy the rides alot because they actually feel like a modern way
      of pilgrimage to me. You can listen to spiritual music and get into
      some very nice and inspiring conversations with your friends.
      Nevertheless, to arrive at the destination and see your friends from
      many other countries multiplies the joy of the journey.

      Also, outwardly it is sometimes exhausting to travel; but I will
      keep it up because I return inwardly with more strength than I had

      With gratitude


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      > Hi everybody out there,
      > I am just back from one of the most inspiring Joy Days I have ever
      > attended during the past twenty years.
      > I rushed in to the meeting place near Heidelberg fresh from a
      > business trip in Frankfurt, and I got a healthy surprise: Everywhere
      > I saw friends, smiling faces and inspiring things available from the
      > literature and music world of Sri Chinmoy. One could top it off with
      > cake and coffee from "Cosmos Heart," Aruna's Café in Augsburg. (I
      > have to confess that I got three pieces of cake and two coffees this
      > evening.) So much for the warm-up.
      > We had a very nice hall with a big stage and enough comfortable
      > chairs for over 500 people from Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
      > Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and maybe some
      > more countries.
      > The program started at 5 p.m. with singing, followed by a silent
      > meditation. It is so powerful to meditate with so many people. There
      > were people of so many languages, but in meditation there is only
      > one language: the language of the soul.
      > After the meditation, "Effulgence-Waves" Restaurant served a most
      > delicious meal to fulfill everybody's stomach desire.
      > The main program that followed was really remarkable. There was such
      > a high standard in the presentations, and such a variety, which gave
      > me real joy. One of the highlights was again Alap's flute
      > performance. He builds the flutes himself, and gives them such
      > different but always charming sounds. Listening to him, you will
      > definitely be uplifted! There was also inspiring news from the
      > runners who ran the recent 700 mile race. I really got the feeling
      > that everyone who is fit can succeed in this race.
      > Projjwal delighted and entertained us with one of his famous slide
      > shows. There was news from Kailash, a play, video clips, and a
      > performance by the musical group "Ganga" (Ganges). We finished the
      > evening with a silent meditation.
      > Sunday morning started with a short meditation followed by
      > breakfast; and then the whole group made their way to our meeting
      > place in a suburb of Heidelberg. It was a very nice ride with the
      > Neckar River on one side and the Odenwald Forest on the other. The
      > trees were shining in all autumn colours and the morning mist on the
      > river gave the whole scene a mysterious atmosphere.
      > After everybody was seated, we started a long singing session
      > waiting for a phone call from Sri Chinmoy. Then in his call, Sri
      > Chinmoy expressed his deepest gratitude to everybody who came to the
      > Joy Day, and spoke of how he appreciates these gatherings. He let us
      > sing some special songs, and then after a short final meditation, we
      > received an amazingly big bag of prasad (blessed food). On our way
      > down to the street, we also got a solid lunchbag.
      > In the meantime, the sun had come out and blessed us with 20 or more
      > degrees Celsius; and although the Joy Day was officially over and
      > many students had a long way to drive home, they seemed not to be in
      > a hurry, but took their time to breathe in the soothing atmosphere
      > of this inspiring golden October weekend in and around Heidelberg.
      > Thank you to the Heidelberg Centre for organizing this beautiful Joy
      > Day.
      > Peter
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