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Training for the Marathon

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  • prachar_1
    I know time is limited, but since my own running is in such poor shape at the moment, I am inspired to offer the following program for anyone planning to enter
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2003
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      I know time is limited, but since my own running is in such poor
      shape at the moment, I am inspired to offer the following program for
      anyone planning to enter the Self-Transcendence Marathon in New York
      this August 29, who doesn't already have their own training program.

      This is a general training plan, suitable for both men and women.
      Please forgive me, it is all in metric (kilometres), as that's how we
      think in Australia these days. Conversion into miles shouldn't be
      that difficult.

      In general, this plan should be supplemented with some daily upper-
      body work (push-ups) and sit-ups and lower back exercises, as this
      torso and upper body strength is essential especially in the latter
      miles of the marathon when the legs are getting really tired.

      This program includes swimming and some cycling. If you can fit
      these in, so much the better. Swimming is great for developing
      cardio-vascular, breathing, stamina and aerobic strength without
      pounding the legs, and the water is excellent for tired muscles and
      warding off injuries. If you're a good swimmer, feel free to do much
      more than is suggested here, as the distances suggested here are for
      sub-standard swimmers like me. Cycling is really good for easing
      that lactic acid out of the muscles after a long run. If you can't
      swim or cycle, don't worry...

      Of course stretching is COMPULSORY (especially AFTER running). Find
      a good book or someone who knows all about it, and be sure you don't
      do that awful old-fashioned stretching where you just extend the
      muscle until it almost snaps. "Active-Isolated Stretching" is all
      the rage these days. Rupantar, Arpan, Durdam, Sanjay and I'm sure
      some girls can show you how it's done. If you find stretching really
      boring, then reward yourself by giving yourself the occasional day
      off stretching (I do).

      This program includes occasional days off running. If you're
      inspired to run every day, that's great, but take it really easy on
      these days, no more than 2 miles (3.2 kms). It's all about giving
      the body adequate recovery time, which is an essential component of
      training involving a progressive build-up.

      This plan presumes that you are quite capable of running a half-
      marathon already, or you have completed marathons in the past. The
      most important run is the weekly long run. This is programed in for
      Sundays, but if you can't fit it in on a Sunday, simply switch it to
      another day that suits you. It's the only run you absolutely mustn't
      miss each week.

      Feel free to switch the order of things around. This program doesn't
      include any races, for example. So if you want to race your
      weekly "Self-Transcendence 2-Mile" race, then just fit that in and
      adjust one of the other sessions accordingly. Short stuff isn't the
      focus for now though, it's endurance, and some strength.

      If you have any queries about any of the terms or ways of doing
      things, simply reply to this message, I'll get right back to you...

      All right, I'll do the conversion into miles for you!

      Let's start right away with tomorrow...


      Easy jogging, 5 km (3 miles);
      Swim 5 x 100 m, moderate effort;
      Full stretching routine


      Morning long run, 30 km (19 miles), moderate pace, push harder for
      final 4 kms;
      Full stretching routine;
      Afternoon cycle easy 30 mins


      Day off running;
      Full stretching routine


      Anaerobic threshold run, 10 km (6 miles) flat course, including 3 x
      1600 m (1 mile) repeats @ your "Self-Transcendence 2-Mile" racing
      pace, with 4 min recovery in between each;
      Full stretching routine


      Recovery run, 5 km (3 miles) very easy jog;
      Swim 5 x 100 m, moderate effort


      Strength endurance, 10 km (6 miles) course including 5 x 2 minute
      hill repeats;
      Full stretching routine

      FRIDAY 11 JULY

      Day off running;
      Full stretching routine;
      Swim 6 x 100 m, moderate effort


      Recovery run, 5 km (3 miles) very easy jog

      SUNDAY 13 JULY

      Marathon Pace Run ? 22 km (14 miles) at target marathon speed. Start
      with stretching & warm-ups, then 22 kms at your target marathon pace;
      Full stretching routine;
      Afternoon cycle easy 1 hour

      We'll be back with the following week's routine shortly.

      To inspire you in your training, you might like to check out the
      daily progress of the runners in the 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence
      Race in New York at http://srichinmoyraces.us

      That puts things in perspective, doesn't it! Enjoy!

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