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Street cars through the gully!

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  • transformationdance
    Adhiratha, It was amazing to read about the history of the area and to think that street cars rode through the gully, Annam Brahma was a bakery and popular
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2003

      It was amazing to read about the history of the area and to think that street cars rode
      through the gully, Annam Brahma was a bakery and popular hooky hangout, and
      farms were bordering much of the neighborhood. Wouldn't it be grand to find old
      photos of the area! I know Ashrita has an old framed picture of his house at least 50
      years back with almost no trees or other houses on his street. I wonder if there are
      any others like that!

      Its nice to have a different perspective of the area you live, to realize the history that
      preceded and to ponder the history that is to come.


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, adhiratha <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hi, Actually my story about the neighboorhood begins from when I took
      > my first breath this lifetime in May of 1947. I was born in St.Albans
      > which is less than 2 miles away from Jamaica Hills. My father was on
      > the swim team at Jamaica High School. The students came from miles
      > away and the farms were only a few miles further up the road. I moved
      > further out on Long Island when I was 2 and half years old, but would
      > come back to visit my grandparents and the family home. When Sri
      > Chinmoy came to NY, I was heading to Ohio to go to the Univeristy in
      > Dayton. There I spent my second "formative years" including taking a
      > break to get cash to pay for school and working my way around the
      > world on a merchant ship. In early 1973, I was working and living in
      > Ohio and told my parents I was not even going to visit NY that year
      > because of all the congestion and noise etc. However by February due
      > to number of "coincidences" I was in NY and attnding the leture by
      > Sri Chinmoy at NY University. I was interested to find out more and in
      > a few weeks I was back in Jamica Hills Queens. In the first few weeks,
      > I offered to help redecorate a restaurant "Annam Branhama" run by Sri
      > Chinmoys students and requested my mother to send over some of the
      > biodegradable soap that she was then selling. My father brought it by
      > one morning to the restaurant and later told my mother that he was
      > shocked where I was helping out. It turns out that was the same place
      > he played "hooky" in when it was a bakery. They would sneak out of
      > school and when the truant officer came in the front door looking for
      > those skiping school, my father and his friends would climb out the
      > bathroon window in the back. In my fathers school days, the street
      > car rode on tracks from Hillside Avenue through the gully that is now
      > the aspiration ground and tennis court. So Jamaica has some special
      > meaning for my family and my father who is now 88 always asks about
      > his friend Sri Chinmnoy or "the Guru". When the weather gets warm he
      > inquires if they are "out at the court yet". Amazing how the Supreme
      > aspiration force works through all thses coincidences. To my way of
      > thinking there seems to be some extra grace sprinkled in amazing ways.
      > A few extra signposts , so no matter where we stray or how stuburn we
      > are it is likely that when we are ready and a little receptive,
      > eventually we will follow one of the unseen but powerful patterns and
      > find our way home... as Sri Chinmoy has said "Our own Gratitude heart
      > is all that matters" - Adhiratha
      > --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, sundari_one
      > <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > > Dear Adhiratha:
      > >
      > > Thank you for that excellent article on Jamaica Hills. It seems as
      > > though it is everything you would ever need to know about the
      > > neighborhood. I have been coming there for thirty years now, but
      > > I never had any idea of the history of the area. It really is a
      > > special place, and so much more so because of the presence of
      > > Sri Chinmoy there.
      > >
      > > --Sundarin
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