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Re: Positive Thinking

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  • bhuvah_nz
    Thanks Nayak and Sundari - it is always good to be reminded to be more positive! This is also nice thought by Sri Chinmoy: Your mind is your door. You have
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 30, 2003
      Thanks Nayak and Sundari - it is always good to be reminded to be more
      positive! This is also nice thought by Sri Chinmoy:

      "Your mind is your door. You have the authority to open the door or
      keep it closed. In your house you allow only your friends to enter,
      and not your enemies. So when thoughts come to your mental door, allow
      only good thoughts, divine thoughts, to enter. If you allow bad
      thoughts to enter your mind, they will destroy your aspiration and
      ruin your spiritual life. When a thought enters into you, either it is
      from a divine world or it is from an undivine world. If your thoughts
      are in any way disturbing your meditation, that means they are
      undivine thoughts. But when a thought enters into your mind and you
      feel that you are expanding, you can know that it is a divine thought.
      If you see a garden, you are consciously delighted with its outer
      beauty and inner beauty. But you are not bound by the garden. It is
      not capturing you and you are not trying to bind it. While you are
      looking at the garden you are feeling that the fragrance of the
      flowers is spreading all around you. That is what a divine thought is
      like. So whenever a thought wants to enter into you, first see whether
      that thought is going to bind you or whether it is going to enlarge
      you or be enlarged by you. The thought that can bind you or be bound
      by you is an undivine thought, a hostile force. The thought that can
      expand you, and that you can expand with your aspiring consciousness,
      is a divine thought."

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      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, nayak_ltp
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Thanks, Sundari,
      > This is one of the simplest yet hardest lessons to learn: see the
      > positive, don't criticize. The payoff is that you are a positive
      > person--realistically positive, not Pollyanna. Who wants to go around
      > shooting barbs? The poison that you share you must first taste
      > yourself. No fun. Better to share smiles, concern. I love a song by
      > Sri Chinmoy with the words: "Negativity paralises and paralises.
      > Positivity divinises and divinises." This is from the Enthusiasm
      > songbook, #4, I believe.
      > God, You are very nice. Make me just a little bit like You.
      > Yours,
      > Nayak
      > --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, sundari_one
      > <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > > Sri Chinmoy says,
      > > "If you do not look for the negative qualities in others,
      > > automatically the positive qualities come forward.
      > > At every moment the mind is either thinking of something
      > > positive and creative or of something negative and destructive.
      > > So the best thing is to see the positive things in others. If you
      > > consciously see the positive things, then the negative qualities
      > > cannot come forward.
      > > If you can see the divine qualities in others -- if you can see in
      > > each person a divine child, or a beautiful flower, or a burning
      > > candle symbolising the ascent of the flame of aspiration -- you
      > > will be full of joy. If you see inside them somebody praying and
      > > meditating, or a most luminous, divine child, you will be full of
      > > joy. If you see the divine in a person, then your strength,
      > > inspiration and aspiration will increase."
      > >
      > > For more of Sri Chinmoy's writings, please see: Sri Chinmoy
      > > Library - http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com
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