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Re: How Sri Chinmoy encourage non english speaker

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  • adhiratha
    aS i WAS GETTING READY TO leave the house this morning the last line of your post gave me joy.. but we are not so eager to hear from them every day. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2004
      aS i WAS GETTING READY TO leave the house this morning the last line
      of your post gave me joy..

      "but we are not so eager to hear from them every day."

      I couldn't stop laughing out loud.
      Definately the touch of the diplomat with sweet oneness realization.
      Thank you.

      - Adhiratha - one who often does not use spelling checker - but should.

      ps. I can think of many places I will be able to use this line in
      dealing with some of my "user community". Not to mention giving smiles
      to my colleagues.

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, koojena132004
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > To all non english speaker,
      > When our Assistant alig.. (Moderator) posted some "posting
      > guidelines" I as one of the many non english speaker found myself
      > little bit discouraged because I was not quite sure in what way
      > should I continue, although non of my postings have been devoured by
      > the "aliga…". So this "guidelines" given by our moderator for me
      > came on right time. I am completely aware that the posting from the
      > non english speaking people can not be "as good" as the posting from
      > the people from the english speaking country, but we should be aware
      > that we all have different mentality, culture, sense of humor plus it
      > is not our mother tongue. And for me personaly the most difficult
      > thing is to resent on english our sence of humor.
      > I would like to share an event that happened two years ago in NY. One
      > dignitary from Macedonia was invited to meet Sri Chinmoy in New York
      > and for which occasion Sri Chinmoy asked us (macedonian disciples) to
      > perform a play from the life of that person. So we chose the
      > anecdote, translated into English, learned few songs (not From Sri
      > Chinmoy) for the play and started to practice the play every day.
      > Actually to be honest we practiced singing much more than the play,
      > because for us macedonians singing is something very natural, like
      > breathing (I have a feeling that in our veins there is no blood but
      > music). So it was normal that the singing was a part of the play.
      > Plus we wanted "the play" to be spiritual. Few days before the
      > meeting happened Sri Chinmoy wanted to see on the evening function
      > all the performances planned for that meeting. For the first time we
      > had the golden opportunity to perform a play which was not on our
      > mother language for which we had to search and search for some
      > anecdote from the life of that person, after wich we had to make the
      > play from that, plas to be with singing. Actually it Sri Chinmoy who
      > chose that particular anecdote with singing out of few more
      > proposed. And it is another long story (for another posting) how I
      > found those two songs. On the evening Function we did the play for
      > the first time. When we finished, Sri Chinmoy said to all of
      > us: "But you should do the play. So, where is the play??" So the
      > ipression was that there is no a play at all but just singing.
      > Ekalabhya replied : "Guru this was the play!" Than Sri Chinmoy
      > said: "Singing was fine"after which he continued speaking with such a
      > great affection and sweetness. I can not remember the right words but
      > it was like "I understand english is not your mother language, but
      > what you should is to practise in front of the mirror. I was also
      > practicing that way when I started giving my first lectures. This is
      > the unique way od Sri Chinmoy's encouragements. Always with the
      > example of his own life. But on "our big day" because of the time
      > limit we did not have the opportunity to perform the play. Later in
      > Skopje we performed it, but only the "singing part". It was so
      > thrilling not only for us the performers but also for the person it
      > was dedicated. .. The tears on the face were falling and falling….
      > The tears of gratitude …
      > With Gatitude,
      > Koojena, MAcedonia
      > ------------------
      > The Assistant Moderator replies:
      > Koojena, this is a beautiful story which makes clear that Sri
      > Chinmoy has the same spiritual love and concern for all his
      > students, whether or not they are fluent in English. This story also
      > shows how soulful and devoted are the Macedonian students. However,
      > does this story prove that good English is NEVER a requirement for
      > any project? No, it does not!
      > Here is the shortcut to message #7432:
      > http://tinyurl.com/2z72h/7432
      > There and elsewhere I have already explained that Sri Chinmoy
      > Inspiration is primarily a discussion group in English. It is for
      > people who can submit original articles in fairly good English,
      > without millions of typos and other errors.
      > Why have I made a point of announcing this now? Because in September
      > there have already been over 1500 messages, including many submitted
      > by people whose English is horrible. (Some of them have not even
      > gotten as far as using capital letters.)
      > The non-English speakers are good people, spiritual people. They
      > should have an opportunity to use their talents. But English is not
      > one of their talents!
      > I'm sure you know that Sri Chinmoy sometimes calls for the "good
      > singers" to come up. Other times he invites all the singers. There
      > is even a group especially for the bad singers.
      > Now if I say that this Inspiration group is for the "good singers in
      > English," why must everyone give me an argument? Surely those who
      > are not good in English have other talents. Vidyutonnati has
      > apparently never seen a capital letter, but he is a great musician,
      > so let him play music! Here, although we often share humor, we are
      > trying to maintain some minimal standard of English literacy.
      > But again, there are many, many people who will tell you that when I
      > have time, I help them with their English. And in spite of wanting
      > to maintain a certain standard, I do sometimes post messages which
      > are obviously from non-English speakers.
      > So it is a question of balance. On balance, I say and repeat that
      > this is a group for people who can submit original articles in
      > fairly good English, without millions of typos and other errors. We
      > love and respect the non-English speakers, but we are not so eager
      > to hear from them every day.
      > Thank you.
      > Assistant Moderator
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